RVS4000 PPTP PassThrough problem

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by EricChak, May 22, 2011.

  1. EricChak

    EricChak Network Guru Member

    Use latest firmware with very good performance - IPS disabled - using VDSL 100up/30M down ISP service, running speedtest.net with full speed 94up/27down PPPoE. the only problem right now is the PPTP passthrough, if IPS enabled, everything normal but thought put only 17m/17m, if IPS disabled, though put is good 94up/27down but all Windows machines here cannot using PPTP vpn to remote office which using RV082 as pptp server. Any people have the same issue?
  2. echen

    echen Networkin' Nut Member

    I had the same issue and I also set up a PPTP VPN server using Win2008R2 behind this router and all remote clients cannot log in if the IPS disabled, remote clients all got the 806 errors. if IPS enabled, clients can log in normally.

    I had discussed these issues on Cisco forums but no reply yet, any body have any suggetion for this?

    we are using 100M/100M internet service and cannot suffer the 17M/17M performance if IPS is enabled.

    I knew Cisco have a new beta firmware to solve the QVPN with HTTPS pass through problem, any body know this beta firmware also will solve this VPN pass through problem? where can get this beta firmware to test? (from the Cisco forums, they ask people to call the service center to get this but I really don't know where to call in China here)

    Thanks for all help.
  3. EricChak

    EricChak Network Guru Member

    is there any way to completly remove the IPS features so the performance is good without any passthrough or port forword problems?

    Any body have any idea?

    Many thanks.
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