RVS4000 Pre-purchase questions

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Syncer, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Syncer

    Syncer LI Guru Member

    The Intrustion Protection System (IPS) is new to me, and I'm curious to better understand the 'signature' needed for this feature, is there an easy explanation of what this is? Is it like virus detection software, where you need to keep the virus defintion file up-to-date?

    Also, all the information on Linksys site says that 'free signatures updates are provided free for one year'. But, I cannot find any information as to what happens after that year ... does the IPS feature stop working, how much are new signature updates going to cost?

    Other simple questions I would like to verify about the RVS4000:

    How many blocking keywords can be entered? (Some of the competition limits it to 32.) Does the throughput slow down significantly if many are entered?

    Same questions for URL domains: how many can be entered and is throughput affected if many entered?

    Does it provide for an NTP time server, or can the time only be adjusted/entered manually (as best I can tell looking at the online manual, only manual adjustment of the time is supported).

    Does it provide for MAC filtering, so that only predetermined MAC IDs are allowed to connect to the network?

    Thanks for any and all replies.
  2. outlier

    outlier LI Guru Member

    At the moment, you can download the IPS signature from the same page as the firmware download. No restrictions seem to apply. Not sure how this would be handled in the future...
    Some quick observations:
    You enter keywords & URLs as part of an "internet access policy". Each policy can have up to 20 keywords and 20 URLs.

    you can define up to 10 policies - apparently, multiple policies can be active at once. (not tested this myself).

    Each policy can be applied to:
    up to 8 MAC addresses
    up to 6 IP addresses
    up to 2 IP address ranges

    No experience with how this would affect performance.

    You can set the time manually, OR use NTP. The server can not be changed, the log indicates they use time-nw.nist.gov

    hope this helps!
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