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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by MavDude, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. MavDude

    MavDude LI Guru Member

    I'm having trouble getting internet access. I've just bought a new gigabit router+switch but it seems my cable modem is not allowing internet access when using dynamic setup.

    The hardware:
    Arris Touchstone Telephony Modem 402B
    Linksys 4-port gigabit router RVS4000(EU) (with latest firmware)

    My ISP (@Home - www.home.nl) requires me to have a dynamic setup (automatic configuration-DHCP), all I have to do is enter the correct hostname. And this has always worked fine with my old router. With the linksys however I don't get internet access, and the router reports "DHCP down" on the status page.
    With my old 3com router, I get internet access right away. If I use the connection-info from that (IP, gateway, dns, etc) and use that on the linksys router to get a static connection type, it does connect and gives internet access. It seems to only work when I clone the MAC address of my old router, so I power-cycled my cable modem hoping that was going to fix it. But it doesn't, still so far the only option is static+cloned mac address to get internet access.

    I've searched on the internet about this problem, and it seems there are more people with linksys routers + arris or motorola modems having the same problem on my ISP. Some copy/pasted replies of linksys emails suggest it is somehow going wrong with the hostname, like the modem does not recognise it from the router and denies internet access. These posts were from 2005 though, with older linksys routers. So I'm hoping it's something else.

    Something I just found while reading these forums:
    So it seems like this router has the same problem. I'm not sure if my arris modem does that too, but I suspect it does. On older routers it was fixed with a firmware upgrade, how can this newer router have the same type of problem?

    Any suggestions/solutions? So far the things I've read about this router here are not so great, and if I can't get it fixed in a couple of days I'm probably going to send it back. :(
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    please contact linksys tech support they have a fix for this issue
  3. MavDude

    MavDude LI Guru Member

    I have just called with linksys tech support (dutch), but they didn't know about a fix. They do know about the 10mbit/100mbit negotiating/connection problem with modems, but say it's something with the modem. Or at least I have the right to ask my ISP for a proper modem. But the person on the phone agreed with me that it's a bit weird that I can get a connection in static mode, which should not be possible too if it's the 10mbit/100mbit problem.

    And more testing shows that the modem (or ISP) requires me to clone my old router's mac address, or I don't get internet access in static mode.* Power cycling does not help, so maybe my ISP is registering mac addresses after all. Still weird that cloning+dynamic does not work though.
    *Edit: It seems that enabling/disabling a cloned mac address just toggles the connection to off somehow. Right now I've got connection with static+no cloned mac address. Seems turning cloning on/off requires a restart to keep internet working. (weird?)

    So I'm going to contact my ISP again, but their tech support isn't really techy (they just read up sollutions from their helpdesk-answers-book). So I'm afraid talking to them will do any good.

    Anyway, if you know who I can mail or contact someone who know about a fix, that would be great.
  4. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I've got the opposite problem with my WRVS4400N, which is the wireless version of your router. If I leave it set at dhcp, it goes on the internet without any problem, but if I set it for static, it won't connect out to the internet at all. So, if you have to set it to static to use it, get yourself a free dynamic dns account (http://www.dyndns.org); it takes all of 10 minutes to configure. Once you do this and activate the account, you input the information into your DDNS on the router and you won't have to worry about losing connectivity when your ISP does its IP refresh because your WAN ip address will be dynamically linked to the service (when your WAN ip changes, dynamic dns will change for you).

    Yes, it's an inconvenience the product doesn't work out of the box as advertised, but this will be your answer until the next firmware release :)

  5. MavDude

    MavDude LI Guru Member

    Hmm, if that works it would be fine for now. Although I'm not sure if this will get fixed in a future firmware? The guy on linksys tech support told me the router is not backwards compatible with the 10mbits issue.

    Either way, I want to at least try out the dyndns thing you mention. How do I set this dyndns up? On the "New Dynamic DNS(SM) Host" screen it asks for a hostname (xyz .dyndnsdomain.tld), and IP address which it has already filled in with my IP address. But that IP is the one that could be changed into something else by my ISP, so that's probably not the IP I should enter here, right? And it lists a "enable wildcard", and Mail exchanger. Not sure if I have to fill that in to keep my mail working.
  6. MavDude

    MavDude LI Guru Member

    A little update..

    My ISP replied with "we don't support routers, bye!", as I expected... eventhough they supply the modem and if something is wrong with it they have to replace it. But that's only going to happen if I can prove it's the modem. And other routers work fine, so it's more likely to be something with the router.

    Either way, I've been trying to find out if the 10mpbs/100mbps negotiating thing is really my problem. Since on the router in static mode, it does indicate it has a 100mbps connection with the modem.

    So far I've figured out that the Arris modem TM402B uses these standards:
    -Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 (although in the same document it also lists "Euro DOCSIS")
    -Ethernet Data Interface: 10/100Base-T

    And in the linksys rvs4000 specs it says:
    -Standards IEEE802.3, 802.3u, 802.1x, RFC791 (IP Protocol)
    -10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T - RJ-45 ( WAN )

    Sooo.. I don't know where to look to verify the 10/100mbps problem.. anyone? I'll even resort to packet sniffing traffic between router and modem if someone knows where I should look for...
  7. MavDude

    MavDude LI Guru Member

    I've received a reply from arris, the company that makes the modem:

    "The TM402B supports auto negotiation up to 100Mb/full duplex, if the link negotiation is failing you could try setting the port speed and duplex configuration in your router manually rather than setting it to auto."

    Soo... the rvs4000 seems to support the same auto negotiation. Perhaps it only goes wrong in dynamic setup. And I can't find anything to set the port speed and duplex config in the router manually? Is this something that will be added in a firmware upgrade?

    The problem turned out to be the router, it didn't send the hostname with the dhcp discover/request packets. So the modem wouldn't allow internet access. This has been fixed, and now it does send the hostname.
    Current firmware is 1.0.15, the next version will probably have the fix.
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