RVS4000 Problems With Xbox 360 Media Center Extender

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by TheOfficeMaven, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. TheOfficeMaven

    TheOfficeMaven LI Guru Member

    Hi All,

    I just picked up a RVS4000 and it is working great all except for with my Xbox 360. My Xbox 360 is used as a Media Center Extender (via a PC running Windows Vista Home Premium) and ever since I installed the RVS4000, all of our recorded TV shows are screwed up (as is live TV). The picture is seriously pixilated and jerky. When I uninstall the RVS4000 and go back to using my old WRT55AG or BESFX41 routers, the media center works just fine. Thus, the problem is definitely with the RVS4000.

    I've tried switching off the firewall and IPS components in the RVS4000, but that doesn't make any difference. My wife is really pissed at me because she can't watch her recorded shows. However, I don't want to go back to using the other routers because I really need the gigabit functionality of the RVS4000 (the main reason I bought it).

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    BTW, there's nothing special about my set up, I simply have the RVS4000 hard wired to my Vista PC and to the Xbox console. It should work fine, but it doesn't???

    Strangely enough, if I hook up a WAP55AG access point to the RVS4000, it will connect to the Xbox 360 (via wireless A) and the recorded TV plays just fine. So, it's something in the hard wiring to the RVS4000 router that's causing the problem (the CAT 5 cable I'm using is fine though). The trouble is that I really need the Xbox to be hard wired as it is much better for HD shows than the wireless connection is.

    I'm starting to regret buying the RVS4000. For a bit more money than I paid for the RVS4000 and the WAP55AG, I could have purchased one of the Buffalo Wireless-N Nfiniti gigabit routers that does wireless A+G+N as an all-in-one. I've always liked, Linksys, but this one's really putting me off. :mad:


    -- MIKE
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I would possibly set the QoS to Port based and try setting the XBox360 and the PC ports to High. set any others to normal or low.
  3. TheOfficeMaven

    TheOfficeMaven LI Guru Member

    @Toxic - Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

    I went to the router's "QoS Setup" tab and changed the four Port ID's "Trust Mode" setting to "Port", and then I set the "Port Priority" for ports 2 and 4 (i.e. the ports the Xbox and the PC are on respectively) to "4". I then changed the other two port priorities to "1", clicked "Save Settings", and tried it again. No dice I'm afraid. The recorded tv is still too bad to watch.

    I'm starting to feel as I've been ripped off with this RVS4000. It should be able to handle streaming recorded TV shows to my Xbox if the BESFX41 and WRT55AG routers can do it. Oy!

    BTW, I even went as far as cascading the RVS4000 and WRT55AG routers in hopes that it would work like that. But it doesn't. When the two routers are cascaded (as per the instructions given on the Linksys web site for LAN-LAN connecting) the recorded tv plays fine when I have both the Xbox and the PC pluuged into the WRT55AG router. However, as soon as I plug the PC into the RVS4000 (so that I can enjoy the gigabit bandwidth), the recorded tv craps out again.

    What a bummer!
  4. TheOfficeMaven

    TheOfficeMaven LI Guru Member

    BTW, I'm using the latest 1.1.09 firmware on the RVS4000. I'm really kicking myself for not trying out the 1.0.16 firmware that came on the router before I flashed it up to the latest version. Maybe it would have worked properly with the original firmware. D'oh!
  5. TheOfficeMaven

    TheOfficeMaven LI Guru Member


    Is it possible to run multiple networks on a single PC? Currently, I'm using the gigabit network functionallity that's built into my motherboard. Would it be possible to add an additional PCI-based NIC and hook a second router up to that for use with the Xbox only?

    This way I could use the built-in network adapter along with the RVS4000 router and my cable modem to get secure Internet and gigabit LAN capabilities. I could then hook the WRT55AG to the PCI-based NIC and run the Xbox from there.

    Would I still be able to access the Internet via the Xbox?

    The more I think about this, the more I believe that it might just work.
  6. TheOfficeMaven

    TheOfficeMaven LI Guru Member

    Yes, dual network solution appears to work just fine, and I am indeed able to connect to the Internet via the second NIC.

    Seems like a band-aid solution to the problem, but until a newer firmware comes out for the RVS4000, I guess I'm stuck.

  7. one98z28

    one98z28 Guest

    I'm having the same problem with WRVS4400N and I found this.


    "If you experience poor video quality or slow performance when you use a Gigabit Ethernet switch, the buffer of the switch may be insufficient. For more information about Gigabit Ethernet switches, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:"


    So changing to 100mbps will solve the problem. I ended up hooking up both of my cards, and setting one to 100mbps, and changed the metric manually to prefer the 100mbps adapter, and i'm experimenting now with VLAN's to separate the two.
  8. bctrainers

    bctrainers LI Guru Member

    In the Level 2 Switch part [L2 Switch], go to Port Setting and on all of the 4 ports, check the flow control and set the MaxFrame to 9600. If you still get the issue, I would suggest disabling the flow control in the Port Setting. I can play movies, HD TV shows, mp3's you name it over my lan with that set with no issues. Only issue is when my Windows Server PC [Stores all files{Not the best of PC specs also}] PC decides to die on me and restart and causing what i am doing to stop responding. :p

    Good luck however...
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