RVS4000 Slow Connection

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Macsmasher, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Macsmasher

    Macsmasher LI Guru Member

    Hello everybody. I just found your forums, and they seem quite informative. I am glad to be here.

    I just switched to Verizon FIOS. My plan provides 15mb downstream and 2mb upstream. If I use the ActionTec router provided by them, I get that. However, if I used my RVS4000, the best I can get downstream is 12mb. Upstream numbers are comparable to the ActionTec, however.

    I've contacted Linksys about this issue. The tech has submitted it as a genuine issue, and hopefully there will be a firmware update to address it.

    However, I was hoping maybe somebody here might have some suggestions. Of course I'm running the most current firmware. I'm also plugging directly into my Verizon service with my RVS4000 rather than running through their modem. (I had the installation tech set me up with an RJ-45 wall jack so I can connect directly with my router.)
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