RVS4000 Stackable Switch?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by bradley.holt, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. bradley.holt

    bradley.holt Guest

    I recently purchased a RVS4000. I am looking to purchase a 4 to 8 port Gigabit switch as well. I noticed the RVS4000 has grooves on the top of it that look like they were designed to allow another device to be stacked on top of it. Does anyone know what device or devices were designed to stack on top of the RVS4000? It looks like the EG005W or EG008W might be made for this based on size and design but I can't find any documentation on this.
  2. tony4d

    tony4d LI Guru Member

    The two you listed are not designed to stack with the RVS4000. I don't think any of their switches right now will stack on the RVS4000. The only thing I know of is the new wireless access points:

    WAP200 (don't think this is available yet)


    Beyond that, there are a couple more routers that have the same case as the RVS4000.

    Some of the newer business series switches (Look at the SRWs) have the same exterior design as far as colors, but they do not stack with these new routers.
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