RVS4000 VLAN Documentation ???

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by roydavis, Mar 2, 2008.

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    I have an RVS4000 and I need to know how to set up 2 VLANs on it. I can not find any real documentation on how VLAN setup with the new 1.1.14 firmware. With firmware v1.1.09 it was pretty easy, but now they have replaced the easy interface with a far more complicated one. I am not an expert network guy, but I can usually fumble my way through it if I have documentation.

    If anyone can point me to some real documentation that explains the following (or just explain it here for me) I will greatly appreciate it.

    1. There appears to be one default VLAN that I can not edit, VLAN 1. What is
    the purpose of this VLAN? Is there a way to edit it in any way?

    2. In the web UI for the RVS4000, under the "L2 Switch" tab, then under "VLAN
    PORT Setting" tab, what is this page for? What does it configure? What is the
    difference between "tagged", "untagged", and "trunk"? What is a "PVID"?

    3. Under the "VLAN Membership" tab, what is this page for? How does it work?

    4. Under the "Port Mirroring" tab, what is this page for? How does it work?

    5. Under the "RTSP" tab, what is this page for? Do I need to mess with it? How
    does it work?

    Thank you in advance to anyone that can take the time to help me out.
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