safe to boost strength on antennas?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Harryc8786, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Harryc8786

    Harryc8786 Guest

    Hey guys I am new to this firmware. I acutally Haven't installed it yet because Im at work. At home on my wireless connection I just now have been able to get Very Good strength. Well I saw ome places you shouldn't have the signal boost past 50 and should have it near 40 to be safe. Well I have aftermarket CompUSA antennas I think maybe 9dbi each on my WRT54G and a D link something on my Pc connected to a Linksys 54G card. I think the D-link is like 8Dbi. Well all the wireless has to do is pass through a bathroom to get to my room aprox. 30 feet through a few walls, shouldn't be any thick concrect just drywall and stuff. So with antennas like those would it be safe to install this firmware and boost the signal to somehting like 65 or 70???
    Sorry im such a :newbie: :dancing: hopefully someone understands my question I know 4 of 5 bars isn't bad but 5 of 5 would be better because im internet runs slower than the other pc wired to the router. just wana get the best possible connection with the stuff I got.
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