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  1. thedrummer

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    Ok I destroyed one router already because I updated with the wrong firmware. I'm trying to make sure I don't do this wrong again, so I'm coming to you guys. I have a brand new WRT54G Router and I just updated the firmware from Linksys to Firmware Version: v3.01.3 ... Is it too late for me to change my firmware to one of your firmwares on this site (such as Sveasoft) ?.. .. I know they say you have to have version 1 .. 2 and such.. again, I have Version 3.01.3 . .. am I done for ?.. Your help is appreciated. Thank you

  2. westypimp

    westypimp Network Guru Member

    get a reaction.

    randy, unfortunately for us "newbs", there's a certain level of arrogance on this site dealing with people asking totally beginner questions. I ran a post similar to yours the other day and I had about 200 views and not one reply.. I guess people want you to "RTFM" and figure it out for yourself??? I would read the manual if i could find out where the hell a manual is?? I didn't see any documantation on the DD-WRT site and it didn't come with the download either.. I guess what we have to do is open the source code and just figure it out ourselves... apparently if you want to have nerdy toys, like 3rd party firmware, you gotta be a total nerd as well!
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    If you read the focrms, you'd find your answer even a simple search wold turn up what your looking for, now at the top of every topic (of which you are posting in the wrong one to begin with if your talking about Sveasoft firmware) there is a link called "Global Announcement: Firmware Compatibility versus WRT54G/GS Hardware Revisions"
    if you go there it will tell you what versions are compatable with what hardware, you'd also find several ways to revive after a bad flash had you looked though the forums this is covered in great detail...

    now to answer your question, you can still put custom firmware on after you've upgraded to the latest firmware from linksys you just have to make sure the version of firmware you get works with your version of hardware, you didn't provide any details about what hardware version you have whatsoever so no one can answer your question...if your not sure what version you have theres an article for determining what version of hardware you have, take a look at it then the compatability chart I posted the link to, if your still having trouble let me know and i'll see if I can help.

    and westypimp me and everyone I know in the linksysinfo community doesn't have problems helping out newbies with stuff but we get annoyed answering the same questions over and over and over when you can find your answer with a simple search, if you have done some research and still need help explain in detail what you don't understand and what you've looked at and we will be more than happy to help. Also from what I see if your complaint of no one answering your post you seemed to get an answer on the same day with the exact answer you were looking for, sometimes you need to wait a while for someone who wants to respond to your question to come along dude...
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