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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by lol24h, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. lol24h

    lol24h Network Guru Member

    Does anyone heard where I can find sample of Serious Samurize interface for HyperWRT firmware ? I found one for Alchemy firmware, but it uses SNMP (,12711474) . I know that I can add this by myself, but it's not the way I want.
    I need something hyperwrt compatible :)
  2. kop48

    kop48 Network Guru Member

    That would require HyperWRT to have SNMP ;-)... which it doesn't.
  3. dtswk

    dtswk Network Guru Member

    Errr actually its pretty darn easy with Thibors kick ass firmware :)

    In short it uses a script to download the SNMP module and your good to go.. got the Samurize config if you want that as well.

    Download the SNMP module from here and upload it to a webserver you got access to.

    Then load this script on your router
    Obviously change your yourpersonalweb site to a webserver you have the files saved to.

    #vvget and run SNMP deamon
    sleep 5
    wget -P /tmp
    wget -P /tmp
    cd /tmp
    chmod +x ./snmpd
    ./snmpd -c /tmp/snmpd.conf

    Here is the settings your going to need for WallWatcher

    Up Time -
    Received -
    Sent -
    Community - public

  4. evil-doer

    evil-doer Network Guru Member

    ok ive never run samurize but i installed it and read the instructions and yours and the other forums. its half working.. kinda. but i have a few questions.
    first off. samurize seems to be not running right, period. its very very VERY slow. takes forever to load and right clicking on the icon takes 10 seconds (not exagerating in the least) to bring up the menu. then i loaded the script for this plugin.. it now WILL NOT bring up the menu *period*. i need to ctrl-alt-del and kill the process every time i want to edit the config file. ok, for what works, its not much. router load works, wlan tx and rx works. wireless clients says NONE, when there is one. and the dhcp table has one entry when there should be many. ironically its only showing the wireless client thats supposedly not connected.

    any hints or tips or anything to help me get this going a little better? i dont even know whats supposed to be working when this is all done correctly. thanks.
  5. dtswk

    dtswk Network Guru Member

    Hey Evil, your really better taking Samurize questions to there forums.. but here goes.

    When its busy ie waiting on a response it can be a 'bit sluggy'.. sometimes it just hangs and you even need to kill it and restart.

    Also there was some problems with multi core systems and some people reported setting processor affinity helped.

    Really though mine works fine, other than the fact that I've now switched over to the Tomato firmware and of course its all broken again :)
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