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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Hogan773, Dec 24, 2011.

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    Hi all - new member and first time poster here. I am a longtime user of the original Tomato on a pair of WRT54GLs. Loved it! With the ever present bug to soar higher and faster, I just purchased a new E3000, chosen in part because I saw that TomatoUSB was supported.

    I have Comcast in Chicago. My main PC is wired ethernet directly from the wireless router. I generally get Speedtest ratings of 19-23 Mbps down and 3-4 up. On my old WRT54GL, I could get 8-12 Mbps wireless from the upstairs bedroom. Even sitting right beside the router it would max out at around 14.

    I ASSUMED that with all the N-Goodness of the E3000 connecting at "300 Mbps" (yes I know its theoretical) that I could at least max out my internet connection out to wireless clients. That is, I assumed I'd have enough ooompf to deliver the full 19-23 Mbps out to the wireless clients.

    In stock Linksys firmware it seemed I could get about 13-14 if lucky, and other times it would start slowing down. Sometimes reboots worked. I knew I was going to Tomato so I didn't spend much time fooling there. Flashed Viktek RAF 1.28.9007 tonight.

    Punchline is after some fooling around between 40mhz channel width, fixed vs auto channel, etc, I can still only get about 17-18 if the laptop is 5 feet away from the router. Tomato is calling the connection "300" or sometimes "270" in the device list. With the laptop further away in the house, it drops to 11-13. BTW this new E3000 gives great signal vs my 54GL. 5 feet away from the router it was getting -27 to -30db. I assumed with that strong of a connection I could be getting more than 17-18 Mbps on

    QUESTION IS: AM I reaching for something unattainable? (that being, 100% passthrough of internet speed?) Is there enough slop with the internet connection getting transmitted out through wifi that it can't replicate the same 20-23 Mbps speed coming straight through the E3000 and onto the ethernet cable to my PC? Or do I need to keep working with settings. I know its possible that it is the laptop wifi card too, but my iPhone also tops out around 11-13 down, and it is of course "N" capable also.

    I also found that while I thought using 40mhz channel would be better (it looks so nice on InSSIDER vs my neighbors), it didn't seem to add anything, may have detracted, and really got my iphone 4S in a tizzy (iphone was like 1.0 Mbps down, but when I switched back to 20mhz bands it shot up to 12-14 Mbps).

    Any suggestions appreciated. My general settings:

    2.4G - Mixed Mode (was using N-Only but it didn't seem to get any better speed)
    20mhz band, fixed channel 6 (my neighbors all automatically hop away from me to 1 or 11 :cool:)
    WPA/WPA2 Personal / AES
    Beacon = 100
    Preamble = Short
    Afterburner, Frame Burst, etc all turned OFF
    WMM = Enabled

    Note I have turned off the 5ghz radio since I don't have any 5ghz devices. Figured if I don't need it, might as well turn it off.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas. And THANKS for all of you who help build this Tomato product - I love it.
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