Satori 4.0 non-standard client mode

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Anonymous, Sep 24, 2004.

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    Client mode using Satori out of box did not work well for me.
    I hacked it a little and got something that works for me with all 4 ports of the Wrt54G version 1.1 box active.

    Now I am asking the following:
    (1) Is there a way to get a DHCP server to serve IP addresses to the ETH0 network?
    (2) Eth1 responds to ping, but I cannot use it for anything else - Do I need to do something to get it "connected" to telnet for example?
    (3) I need to UP Eth0 to get it working, why did not pointing wan_ifnames at it not work?
    (4) Was there an easier way to split the lan ports from the wireless and use routing?

    My current setup is:
    internet - WRT54GV1.0 (linksys v2.04.4) ->air<- WRT54GV1.1 (Satori-4.0 v2.07.1.7sv) - multiple devices

    Currently for multiple devices I have a Windows XP machine and Dlink I2Eye

    Linksys v2.04.4 box configuration
    Setup - Basic setup
    Internet is DHCP
    Router IP=, mask=
    DHCP server enabled, Starting IP, maxusers=10
    Setup - Advanced
    Operating mode=Gateway
    3 static routes defined
    name=Satori, destination=, mask=, gate=
    name=WanPorts, destination=, mask=, gate=
    name=LANPorts, destination=, mask=, gate=
    Wireless - Basic setup
    Network Mode=G-only, SSID=linksys-g1
    Wireless - Security
    Wireless - Advanced wireless
    Authentication type=Shared Key
    Security - Firewall
    Applications & Gaming - Port range forward
    Application=I2eyeTCP, start=1720, end=1720, protocol=TCP, IP address=
    Application=I2eyeUDP, start=15328, end=15333, protocol=Both, IP address=

    Satori-4.0 box configuration
    Setup - Basic setup
    Internet is static IP=, mask=, gate=
    Router IP=, mask=, gate=
    Setup - Advanced
    Operating mode=RIP2 Router
    Dynamic Routing=Disabled
    Wireless - Basic setup
    Wireless Mode=Client, Network Mode=G-only, SSID=linksys-g1, IP associating=
    Wireless - Security
    Wireless - Advanced wireless
    Authentication type=Shared Key
    Security - Firewall

    I swap Lan and WAN ports, split Wireless off. This gives me 4 ports without an external hub.
    In the startup configuration I have stored
    sleep 5
    ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast up
    ifconfig eth1 netmask broadcast up
    sleep 1

    After above telnet to box and do the folowing
    nvram set lan_ifnames="eth2 eth3 eth4"
    nvram set wan_ifnames=eth0
    nvram commit

    I2eye network configuration
    Static, IP=, mask=, gate=
    Windows XP TCP/IP Configuration
    Static, IP=, mask=, gate=
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