satori uPnp standard firmware forwarding??????

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by guille, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. guille

    guille Network Guru Member

    I just bought a wrt54GS....I installed it, upgraded the firmware to v3.37.2
    and set everything up....worked fine....
    then i decided to upgrade to satori, so I downloaded the satori release from this site and upgraded....i couldnt get uPnP to work....even though it was enabled I couldnt get audio on msn messenger and messenger said I was connected to a NON uPnP router........
    so I reinstalled the linksys v.3.37.2 firmware.....everything "works" except for port forwarding...i cant get it to save the settings i put in there....
    i tried forwarding a few ports for emule, but when I click on save it says it was succesful, but when it shows me the port forwarding screen again the info I had prevoiously added is gone...and I have verified the ports are not being do I get it to hold the setting? any ideas? (i've already reset and unplugged the router difference)
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