Screwy Emule data flow.

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by stts, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. stts

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    Hello everyone, Im new here but nealy 7000 e-mule movies kinda says Im not much of a nube. But Im pretty sure im a baad boy. :cheering: Ok, now to buisness. I researched and decided to upgrade a wrt54g ver 1ish router to the stable 2.0 of the hyperwrt. It upgraded smoothly and I got very noticable increase in signal strength. Yea baby. :clap: Now I can run the mule from this router and get a pretty fast data stream thru the wireless. Problem is when data speed gets over 50kB/s and this link is good for over 150kB/s, the data both ways completely stops for 5-10 seconds after 45-60 seconds of data has come in. It has been doing this all night no mater what power I have the transmitter cranked to. I also found the nifty start up script in these forums for cleaning out old mule connections but that hasnt helped either. This firmware is suposed to be good for 4000 connections but my mule is only got about 150 connections open so I cant be pushing any limits. My Dlink wireless G card connects to Netgear routers without this stop cycling and the same goes with a Blizz G router. You think maybe this ver 1ish router is just anemic for this particular firmware? Or am I just missing something. Everything is default except the port forwarding and the start up script I found here. If it didn't keep interupting like it does, this thing would be DLing like a bat out of hell! I hope you can help. :cry:

    Well during the pause not all data both ways stops, when I expand the DU meter graph I can see small little packets being sent to the router probly the wnic saying "wake up router, where did you go". Then after 5-10 seconds like a light switch bam, mule data comes pouring in for the next short interval. I cant see my pc having anything to do with this problem since its flawless with other routers.
  2. stts

    stts Network Guru Member

    Well now lets not all rush over here at the same time. :eek: Well for all you mulers, I played with it all weekend and got some ideas about whats going on. I got that Tofu12 version and flashed it to the router and found that the Tofu really dogs out the version 1ish routers where I got poor data thruput performance. But there were some interesting features in this version. Namely data thruput specs for wan, lan and wlan, and signal strength from the routers point of view. It turns out the router saw me at -94db and I have no way of turning up the power on my pc's wlan card. So I throttled back on the mules recieve bandwidth till the data stream quit breaking up. This only after I reflashed the 2.0 Hyperwrt back in so I regained useable performance. It appears the only way I can get better performance is to find a pci card with a more powerful radio. Does anybody know of such an animal?
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