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    Hi All

    In South Africa we are charged heavily for internaional traffic while traffic to local IP addresses is much cheaper. South Africans have come up with a number of solutions to route local and international traffic to different ISP accounts to save money.

    A very elegant solution involves using a Linksys WRT54GL running DDWRT. A chap called Gatecrasher has written an init script and a firewall script for DDWRT to setup the router to make the PPPoE connections and setup the routes.

    I like Tomato much more than DDWRT and I was hoping that the scripts would work on Tomato but Gatecrasher had this to say:

    Default Re: WRT54GL running Tomato FW
    Originally Posted by technofool
    Just been reading your mammoth thread on splitting loc/int traffic. Great work.

    I have a Linksys WRT54GL running Tomato v1.21 FW because, by all reports, it is faster and more stable than DD-WRT. And Brainslayer is upto some monkey business with the FOSS code.

    Has anyone tried to implement your scripts on a Tomato v1.21 flashed Linksys? Should i try your DD-WRT v24 (11a) or v23Sp2 (10b) scripts?

    I read your scripts on // but there is little chance that i could debug any Tomato incompatibilities. I'm a Linux noob.


    Hi Neil,

    Your best bet would be to post onto the Tomato forum and point to the Linksys scripts. Ask one of the Tomato gurus what the problems might be in running them. I'm guessing that the pppd and rp-pppoe plugin might be problematic - I think Tomato has a different daemon for creating a connection, and I'm not sure it will be capable of opening multiple pppn connections.

    But I'm also fairly sure that the script could be converted to work under Tomato without too much work.

    Antony (Gatecrasher).
    Splitting local and international traffic on a Linksys WRT54 G/GS/GL

    The first error I have found is that the startup script is longer than 4k and so I couldn't even save it and run it blindly in Tomato. I do not understand the scripting so I cannot begin to fix it.

    Could one of you guys give it a look-see PLEASE? Find the scripts here.

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    Those scripts will only work in South Africa techno (because all ISPs use the SAIX/Telscum ADSL network), so there's not a lot of incentive for non-SA forum members to sort those scripts.

    What you could try (and I dunno if this will work) to test those script(s) as is:

    Save the init script on some Windoze share, say it's \\\ScriptShare\
    Set up the /cifs1 on Tomato to \\\ScriptShare
    and set "Execute When Mounted" to /cifs1/

    Now, make sure this Windoze PC ( is running, then restart your Tomato router. Tomato will now hopefully execute the script, albeit not quite at startup.

    Another method to try: make the following changes to the above:

    Make the "Execute When Mounted" for cifs1 blank.
    Now make your Init script in Tomato this:
    code]sleep 10
    . /cifs1/[/code]
    The last line is [space].[space]/cifs1/

    Like I said, i dunno if this will work, but by saving the script on a Win share, you get around the 4kB limit.

    The firewall script should be pastable into Tomato.
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