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Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by crawdaddy, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    I came across this company while stumbling across the net looking for pieces parts and things to do with my WRT. They have a SD card slot on a little breadboard with each pin labled and suater point for each for relativley cheap (IMO that is ;D)

    Prototyping Board for SD-MMC Cards

    Assembled - Bare PCB

    Description: With SD and MMC memory prices dropping, the time is right for mass storage and datalogging. This breakout board will allow you to breakout the SD/MMC socket to a standard .1" 10-pin header. Perfect for breadboarding and the likes. Board comes fully assembled and tested. about a third of the way down the page.

    That should make adding a SD card slot uber-easy LOL
  2. xabolcs

    xabolcs LI Guru Member

    sd card slot

    hi there,
    everyone, who don't want to break up a card reader to get an sd slot.... :

  3. drukenslob

    drukenslob LI Guru Member


    This may be more useful:

    by the time you order one and have it arrived this would have been done! :thumbup:

    hope it helps
  4. neonhomer

    neonhomer Network Guru Member

  5. hondaboy945

    hondaboy945 LI Guru Member

    Does the one from sparkfun work? And also where can I get serial ports for the serial mod?
  6. anectine17

    anectine17 Network Guru Member

    I use the MicroSD card from SparkFun for my SD/MMC mods. I've done better than a dozen and have yet to have any issues with them.

    As for the serial port mods, I posted the answer to your question in my Cooling/Mod thread.
  7. anectine17

    anectine17 Network Guru Member

    I do too.....and it looks professional. I've been selling routers with this mod on ebay. The floppy connector might work, but it looks cheap and tacky, IMO.
  8. werty54G

    werty54G Guest

    Busted my bank acct !

    im busted , got 4 WRT54G CDFB's and sold
    me 4 Atmel "H256" EVB's and
    4 MP-3 players .
    But i had trouble with

    I have sent 4 emails asking their
    business policy and no response .

    I suspect they arent ethical .

    I bought 2 GP2X game boxes ( Linux
    PDA 64MB DRAM , 64MB Nand Flash
    3.5" LCD )
    from GP2Xzone and after a long
    fight got 1 !
    They refused to refund for the 2nd box .

    Then i did ( "Embest')
    for some more EVB's .
    Another big fight ! They refused to
    complete the order , claiming it was
    complete !
    quality of the 2000-B was awful , bad
    soldering and flux covered .

    Next i tried .
    They baited me with "In Stock"
    but it was NOT , they locked me in
    by sending half the order !

    So now they have my $$ and i
    still have no GP2X !! has recv'd my emails
    and their response was that of an unethical
    Canadian busines .
    They are on my disapproved venders list.

    Im moding WRT54G's to build a network
    so my friends and i can work cell phones
    normally and when in range , switch over
    to our WiFi g network .
    Cell phones wont always be crippled ,
    new ones will do all computing .

    I have 10 Ninetendo DS Lites with wifi b.
    They are the lowest cost way to compute
    with the new PSRAM . I cant buy PSRAM
    that cheap ! $130 .

    BTW i see SD card hacks , here using 34 pin
    FDD connectors .
    SD is both serial data and parallel !
    go to
    and peek at their schematics for
    atmel SAM7Sxxx and some will show
    the SD card is only taking thru MISO !
    My CDFB was 1st model to drop RAM size .
    Ill be reading here to mod my 54G ..

    Im into systems s/w . Ill be giving a
    free ARM 7 OpSys soon . It uses no text
    nor English , so its good for non-English
    readers . It has a 8KB debugger /loader
    so you wont need any Atmel
    "Sam-Ba" broken promise loaders !
    It will first run on Ninetendo DS Lites ,
    cause they are open sys .
    google for "NOPASS" cards like
    [M3 simply] . There is no faster way
    to dev system s/w than this game box .

    Cheers !
  9. revnull

    revnull Network Guru Member

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