Sd mode + wrt54g v2.2 +SD (MMC ?) Card from Nokia phone

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by januszwoj, May 9, 2006.

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    Welcome every on.
    At the beginning I won’t to apologize for my pure English.
    I made SD Mode, but it’s not working. I’ve checked all GPIO pins on the SD Card slot and every things is ok. I’ve checked all signals with the scope and this small program (for all GPIO pins) :

    while true; do gpio enable 5; sleep 1; gpio disable 5; sleep 1; done

    I’ve try to measure Clock signal (GPIO 3) after turning on the router (I’ve enable MMC in the router) but there is only logical signal (+3.3V) and after few second signal goes down.

    I’m using DD-WRT v23 SP1 05.01.2006 VOIP firmware.

    I wonted to use SD card from my cell phone (NOKIA 6320i). It looks more like MMC then SD (it has only 7 pins).

    Maybe some one can give me some advise if there is any way to check some thing in software side (I don’t now to much about Linux).
  2. januszwoj

    januszwoj Network Guru Member

    Sd mode + wrt54g - Continue

    Making lots off googles I have found command DMESG witch give me list of commands (or their results)?
    Inside of this listening there was some thing like this:

    mmc: definitly not a old GPIO MMC HW, try to use new GPIO Layout
    mmc: Okay, as it seems this board has no MMC Mod!
    mmc: error in mmc_init (-1)

    Maybe some on can tell me what it’s mean?
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