SD2008 - Wake On Lan Over Internet?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clone_tk422, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. clone_tk422

    clone_tk422 LI Guru Member


    I currently have an ADSL Modem / Router / Wireless DG834GT

    It will not accept Wake On Lan packets sent through the Internet as it wont accept the broadcast to all packets sent from the internet.

    Ok so I need to buy a gigabit switch to connect to this router anyways so was looking at the SD2008 and was hoping if anyone could please tell me if it might support the broadcast?

    If it does I am assuming I can port forward the packets from my router to the linksys SD008 switch and then the switch will do the broadcast for me and wake up my PC

  2. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Don't understand???

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the case as I see it:
    1) The DG834GT does not have a wol daemon in its firmware, not does it have a VPN client server.
    2) You must therefore be trying to send a wol packet literally "routed over the internet", from say your PC at an internet cafe to your DG834GT at home, to eventually reach some PC behind your DG834GT at home?

    If so, it will never work, no matter what router/switch or other gear you have.

    As I understand it, the wol packet is an ethernet frame, that gets send on layer 3, i.e. it addresses the MAC address and thus the network card of the PC you are trying to wake. It does not address the TCP/IP stack that the OS on the "to be waken" PC runs (obviously, as the PC is off...). The IP address you use when sending a wol packet is just to "give some guidance i.t.o. the LAN segment to broadcast on" to switches in between as to the intended recipient.

    Layer 3 (and lower) stuff does not get routed, and is strictly a LAN segment functionality. Therefore, when you broadcast your wol packet from the internet cafe, it just gets to all the PCs physically connected to the LAN of the internet cafe (if at all). As soon as it reaches the router of the internet cafe, the wol packet dies. The wol packet thus never goes out onto the internet, lest reach your router.

    I say again, that's how I understand it (and I have often been wrong....)
  3. clone_tk422

    clone_tk422 LI Guru Member

    Sorry I dont understand much about it either. All I know is that you can send WOL requests from the Internet via a browser -

    The request does reach my router however beacuse you send the request by MAC address and the NIC with the MAC address is turned has no IP address so it cant send the request anywhere.

    When you send the request from within you LAN it will broadcast the request to the whole subnet so the PC with the MAC address which is listening will get the request and turn on. However my router wont accept these broadcast requests when its received outside of my LAN.

    Some routers / switches however will accept the broadcast requests from the net and wake your PC up. I was hoping this switch might accept them.

    So what I would do is set up a port forward from my router to my switch and when the switch gets the request it will handle it. Because my switch will have an IP address my router can port forward the request to its IP address, it doesnt have to broadcast it. And then the switch wil broadcast it. So I was really just trying to work out if th switch will handle these broadcast requests from the net?

  4. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Dunno. Sorry

    What I do (via a DG834GT or other router):
    Set up a VPN endpoint on a device behind my router (or the router itself), and set my router to forward incoming VPN packets to this device. Once I have an established VPN (from my laptop at the internet cafe) I telnet or http to the VPN device (which is always on), and send the wol from the VPN endpoint device. This way and I can wake up any machine on my local net.
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