Search a unoffical Firmware that support WPA and WPA2

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by niceboy, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. niceboy

    niceboy Network Guru Member

    Hello at all,

    i'm from Austria and I search a unoffical Firmware for my WAP54G v2 that support WPA and WPA2 in Client-Mode.
    Most important is that the WAP54G can communicate with other producer can WPA. WPA2 is secondary.

    Greetings Bernhard
  2. simax

    simax Network Guru Member

    You're not alone.

    So far my undersanding is that DD-WRT only works with WPA on WDS mode.
    Client or Client Bridge support WEP and clear connections.
  3. niceboy

    niceboy Network Guru Member

    Its fine to hear that

    That means I can upload the DD-WRT Firmware also on the WAP54G?

    I had see that this Firmwarealso support WPA2 and many more.
  4. onesolo

    onesolo Network Guru Member

    Why don't u upgrade to the latest official firmaware of WAP54G v3 ?? I have a WAP54G v2 and I upgraded to the official v3 firmware and I gained WAP2 support as well WAP+WAP2 if u have a mix of WAP and WAP2 harware on your network.
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