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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Fluffy_, Nov 19, 2006.

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    I'm sitting here with my internet connection and will soon be needing wireless network because a laptop is soon coming in to my life. I have heard very good stuff about the WRT series but there are so many models to choose from and need some help.

    Here are my "demands":
    * Open wireless network that has bandwidth limit and can't contact the wired network.
    * VPN tunnel for specific (My and friends machines) WLAN-computers that has contact with wired computers with not bandwidth limit.
    * The router can route 100/10Mbps (My connection speed, UP/DOWN) or better. 100/100Mbps maybe?
    * Easy to use but powerful like m0n0wall. :)

    Short text: Normal network with good crypted WLAN and wired LAN but with same router every one ells can use the WLAN but with bandwidth limit and cant contact the rest of the network.

    I have now a m0n0wall machine but I want to replace it with a nice sleek little box with same route power and "fun to work with"-ness, bytt with WLAN support with many fun settings and features.

    A tip of a firmware or three would be nice.

    PS: I saw(?) the model WRT300N on Wikipedia. The future laptop has draft n card in it but does this router have that I'm seeking above?

    WRT300N firmware update:
    Have they removed QoS support or did they add?

    Thanks for all the help.

    After getting my thumb out of my ass and did read about the different models there is two models that I find intresting. WRT300N because it can route my connection, but it runs VxWorks OS and not three party firmware compatible (DD-WRT Micro only). The other is WRT54GL with Linux.

    I'm thinking about a Asus WL-500gP becouse it looks like a WRT54GL but better in every way, or is it worse in some point? Linksys fans must know some bad things about a competitor. :)
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