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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by drunknmunky, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. drunknmunky

    drunknmunky Network Guru Member

    Alright. SO i've downloaded Thibor15c.
    I've set my mtu to 1400
    i've done qos and port fowarding
    i've applied a startup script.

    what can i do to continue to improve my download rates.
    especially in relation to static dhcp and mac clone's

    i just need some other pointers because there is no way i should only be getting a consistant speed of 60-70kb/s

    if you guys could help that would be great

    btw, this is a hardline connection
  2. atinexus

    atinexus Network Guru Member

    Open the properties for your ethernet card driver in windows(assumed) you may be able to set your cards MTU size is set to 1400 as well in the properties also check other settings in there as well like changing all the auto'ed settings to their max values :)
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Have you done any other testing with any other devices to know what your speed should or should not be. That is the only way to truely tell you can never go by what your ISP promises, you need hard baseline testing so you know what you really have. If you plug directly into you modem without the router in place and you speed test at say, (may personal favorite), what speed do you get then vs what speed you get with your router in place?
  4. drunknmunky

    drunknmunky Network Guru Member

    before i installed thibor15c. i could easily get speeds of up to 200 kb/s
    but i would have the imbalance that everyone has spoken about.

    i'm also sharing with 2 wireless users

    and this is rogers extreme (supposedly pretty fast, well.. fastest option available and i have the best modem available and great signal)

    the site identifies that my download speed is at 2854kbps download, 329kbps upload

    what should my range for port forwarding be? i have it set from 1000 to 30000
    i'm using rogers port 1755
    my qos is also set at manual upstream bandwidth of 510kbps
  5. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    You didn't say what the port forwarding is for and I'm not sure that you need it.

    However, Rogers is a DHCP based cable modem service right? Shouldn't your router's MTU be at 1500?

    Did you run the speed tests both with and without the router to compare? If you tweaked the computer's settings (MTU etc) you might put it back to default until you have a good baseline.
  6. drunknmunky

    drunknmunky Network Guru Member

    i set back the mtu to 1500 and i'm getting even slower speeds

    i'm kind of sure that its not my modem speed, it must be router settings that are effing up my speed
  7. drunknmunky

    drunknmunky Network Guru Member

    what should my port triggering range be?
  8. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    You still haven't given us a clue to what you're trying to run that needs forwarding, QOS, or triggering. So I can't possibly give answers about that. If it is a P2P/games type of app I can't help either, I don't run those. In fact, P2P usage is one reason I won't use Rogers or Sympatico. I like my 3M/800K that always gives me full speed. :)

    It is also hard to say what is the problem if you are only "kind of sure" the modem is ok. What we'd like to see is to run several speed tests without any other bandwidth apps running. Run the tests while directly connected to the cable modem and then again through the router. Then we can see where to start looking.
  9. drunknmunky

    drunknmunky Network Guru Member

    i've set my listening port for bitcomet to 1720.
    i'm very certain that it is not my modem because before installation of new firmware (thibor15c) i was getting high speeds. I was previously using TOFU(forgot which version).
    I was getting speeds of 120-200 kbps for torrents but i had the problem with restarting my router all the time and not being able to use internet explorer.
    There must be some kind of setting on the router that I can use to improve my speeds, because essentially I know its there.

    if my speed test came out 2959/436
    what should my upstream bandwidth be?
    my QOS priority is bitcomet as highest, ethernet port 2 as high
    and http as high
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