Secure Remote PC Management - Clue Needed

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by AndrewU, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. AndrewU

    AndrewU Network Guru Member

    Howdy. I've had a good read around the forums here and haven't found a definitive answer to the following problem:

    I have a requirement to remotely administer a PC over t'Internet. The remote PC is running Win2K SP4 behind a LinkSys BEFSR41 V3 firmware 1.05.00 and has a 1Mb cable connection with dynamic IP (residential — NTL is the UK ISP).

    The PC from which the administering is to be done is also Win2K SP4 and will be running behind an as-yet unbought LinkSys ADSL modem / router (probably the AG241, though I've been reading unsavoury comments on this site about that unit). I haven't chosen a UK ISP yet for this network but the ADSL connection may or may not have a static IP — obviously it's easier if it does have a static IP :)

    I'd like to set up a secure, or relatively secure, tunnel between the 2 networks so I can run VNC over it for the administration.

    It should be noted that the remote PC will be able to manually start the administration session (i.e. the non-technical user of that machine is able to initiate the VPN connection if required).

    The idea I had was to have the remote PC use the built-in Win2K VPN connectibity to pass through the BEFSR41 and connect to the VPN end point on the AG241 (or whatever VPN gateway I buy). I believe the AG241 supports connecting to a VPN client that uses a dynamic IP (the remote PC would likely have a DynDns host name).

    The problem as I see it is if the network with the attached administering PC also has a dynamic IP then I can't use Win2K's VPN connectivity on the remote PC as it needs a static IP in order to work and doesn't support a dynamic DNS service.

    How to solve this connectivity problem?

    Would replacing the remote BEFSR41 with another AG241 to create a AG241 VPN gateway to AG241 VPN gateway connection solve the double dynamic IP problem IF both are set to connect together via DynDns? Will this all end in tears?

    Disclaimer: My networking knowledge stops at Networking 101 and Network Security 101, so apologies in advance for not having too much of a clue ;-)

    Any advice greatly appreciated as time is tight for a solution :-(
  2. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

  3. AndrewU

    AndrewU Network Guru Member

    Aha, thanks very much for the sanity check - that's working well on a test config and may be all I need.

    For future reference, if I did need more substantial network connectivity, how do you (or anyone else for that matter) rate the likely success of twin AG241 units and VPN both with DynDns dynamic IPs? Or alternatively one AG241 with static IP establishing a VPN through a BEFSR41 (dynamic IP) to the built-in Win2K software VPN?

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