Securing Wireless-G Router WRT54GS

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Prometheus, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Prometheus

    Prometheus Network Guru Member

    This is my first post, excuse the story detail, just trying to give a complete picture.

    I have the following:

    - LinkSys Cable Modem BEFCMU10, Firmware

    - LinkSys Wireless-G Router WRT54GS, Firmware 2.07.1

    - LinkSys Wireless-G USB Adapter WUSB54G

    I also have a HP psc 2510 wireless printer and have Norton Internet Security.

    The installation went smooth with everything; Cable Modem, Router, 1 desktop hardwired into Router, 4 desktops with wireless adapters, 1 HP psc 2510 wireless printer and each computer has Norton Internet Security 2005. The desktops are Windows XP Professional with SP-2.

    I have done the following for security:

    - Changed the Router default password

    - Changed the default SSID name

    - Set DHCP from default (I think it was 50) to 5. I have 5 desktops, printer is static IP

    - Enabled Wireless MAC Filter “Permit Only†my MAC addresses

    - Set WEP to 64 Bit

    - The Router is set to “Mixed Modeâ€, not G. The HP psc 2510 will not run G-Mode

    - On the desktops, I set WEP 64 Bit 10 hex:
    Preferred Networks
    Wireless Network Key
    Network Authentication: Open
    Data Encryption: WEP
    Entered the Network Key
    Unchecked “The key is provided for me automaticallyâ€

    Finally, my 2 questions:

    - When I set WEP to 128 Bit 26 Hex, there is a considerable slowness, any way to increase the speed with 128?

    - When I disable SSID, my farthest wireless desktop, 52’ feet away can’t connect, I tried the LinkSys Wireless-G Range Expander WRE54G, but, this will not use WEP. Other than moving the desktop closer or hardwiring down the hall, any ways to disable SSID and have this connect?

    I called LinkSys and HP about the 128 slowness, HP was not able to help, LinkSys said they have seen this before with Wireless Network Mode "Mixed". Sorry, I did not mention this before. The HP psc 2510 will not run "G Only" Mode, I had to set the Router to Mixed, but, that has to be a LinkSys thing with LinkSys 128 Slower in Mixed Mode.

    Thanks. Any other security or speed suggestions are welcome.
  2. sixthday

    sixthday Guest

    Dont disable SSID broadcasting.

    Instead, use the MAC filter, only allow the machine with the MAC in your list to access the web. By this way, you may try your extander.

    Or you could still use the WEP. From my understanding of your words, it looks like when you broadcast the SSID. Everything will be ok??
  3. Prometheus

    Prometheus Network Guru Member

    When I have SSID enabled, all works well, when SSID is disabled, only the farest wireless desktop, at 52' away, fails to connect. Currently I have:

    - SSID Enabled
    - WEP 64 Enabled
    - MAC Filtering Enabled
    - Reduced DHCP to the same number of wireless devices.

    Disabling SSID and changing WEP 64 to 128 was a entra mile I was trying, I realize that if someone "really wanted" to get in, they could.

    Why is SSID not an security issue?

  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    SSID is less of a security issues since products simular to Netstumbler allow someone to see your SSID, even when you have it disabled. MAC address filtering is not secure either, since you can clone the MAC address of an NIC. The MAC address of your NICs can be determined, since it is sent in the packets. WEP 64 bit is really not secure, since if someone sniffes and records the packets sent between your access point and its clients it is possible to get in, but most people would just go to an access point that has no security at all. WEP 128 is still weak since ther is a flaw in it and it does not use the entire key. WPA-PSK is better, since it uses the full key and the key encription changes periodically.
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