Security II: V2.3R63 Release Note incomplete!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by Mic-Re, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Mic-Re

    Mic-Re Network Guru Member

    For all of you, who thought about an upgrade to the R63 Firmware and are still wondring about the release note:

    V2.3R63 (7/06/2005)
    1. FAT32/NTFS support on Port 2 and FAT32/EXT3 support on port 1

    I just got the verification from Linksys support:

    !!!! ext3 functionality at port 2 has not been eliminated !!!!

    The release note is not WRONG but can be interpreted in a wrong way, since essential facts are simply not listed!

    Here is what I got and what it imho should read like:

    1) FTP support added

    2) USB Port 1 supports
    ext3 and FAT32

    USB Port 2 supports
    ext3, FAT 32 and NTFS

    3) Functionality of "Shares" and therefore different access rights can not be applied to FAT32 and NTFS Partitions. Thus data on such partitions would be accessible for ANYONE in a local area network and as well from the internet (in case Router/ LAN etc. and the NSLU has been configured to be accessed from the I-Net...) *

    * Edit: After the upgrade to R63 I discovered that a password can be assigned to all FAT32 and NTFS drives ... not quite different user rights as under ext3 but at least not everyone has acces from the I-net!

  2. PedrosPad

    PedrosPad Network Guru Member

    Yup that's my conclusion too.

    I'm a Windows user. Never been near an ext3 partion and don't want to as there's nothing else apart the NSLU2 in my house that can read 'em.

    Got 2 250GB FAT32 HDDs plugged into the NSLU2, wanted secure FTP on one of the drives in order to share files with family. Since I've no ext3 drive in the setup, all my files will be open to the general public, or none to anyone. :(
  3. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    You can always use an ext3 driver on Windows to read/write to the ext3 drive should the NSLU2 fail.

    If you are using a FAT32 drive for FTP without a ext3 drive connected, you can set up a special guest user ID and PW that you and your family would know about. So no FTP would be open to the general public unless they knew the FTP UserID/PW you selected.

    There is one SERIOUS problem with using just a FAT32 drive though! If you allow Port 80 access to the general public, the User/PW access to the GUI is admin/admin which is very hackable. Although the shares, users, password change functionality are not changeable, I don't know that the other settings can't be changed because I haven't tested them. At the very least, all that info would be exposed to the general public if they could guess that ID/PW.

    So to prevent this, you would simply not use Port 80 for GUI access or not forward Port 80 access through your router to the NSLU2.
  4. PedrosPad

    PedrosPad Network Guru Member

    I googled around a few weeks ago and the there was no ext3 drivers for XP, just an old one for NT4 that the sites warned was flaky ( If there's a URL to a XP stable one that would solve many of my concerns.

    But wouldn't that open up the entire 1/2 terabyte (2 x 250GB) to the invited guests? I'd wish to keep some of my backed up personal files private.

    Right now my NSLU2 is in my routers DMZ (all ports forwarded). I’d love to simply allow port 21 though, but don't I also need a port range for PASV support? Anyone know what PASV port range the NSLU2 FTP server is configured to use? Or how to set my own?

    Many thanks for any feedback/support.

  5. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    This driver?:

    Yes all files would be open to the guests.

    I'm connecting to it on my LAN in passive mode on Port 21 using WS_FTP Pro and an FTP client built into a net camera. That is the only port that TCPView says is open and used in the connection.
  6. BiffoTheBear

    BiffoTheBear Network Guru Member

    Mic-Re do you have NTFS working on port 2 then? It works for me on port 1 but not port 2.

    The latest I have from Linksys so called support is:

    "I apologize for the delayed response. This could still be a bug with the firmware because when we tested the device with the latest firmware it shows that the NTFS works on port 2. However, we received report regarding this and the NTFS format works on port 1. At least it shows that the latest firmware enables NTFS support on the device. We will try to do some further testing with the device to resolve this. Thanks for your cooperation!" - 27 Sep 2005.
  7. Mic-Re

    Mic-Re Network Guru Member


    I couldn't test it ... I got massive problems with new shares under R63. For every new "share" that has been created at disk 1 there has been created a new "share~" on disk 2 after the first reboot. ...second reboot got me a "share~1" ... third got me a "share~1~1"...

    The other thing is, that it often "forgets" the user shares after a reboot AND it has crippled the Disk 2 default share... 186 GB are not accessable anymore :cry:
    I rolled back to R29...

    I can tell you though that you are not the only one with the NTFS support at port 1. I'm not sure at what port Linksys intended the NTFS support... and maybe the are not sure either? ;)

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