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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by toomuch, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. toomuch

    toomuch Network Guru Member

    I would like put my wireless networking traffic on a different subnet that my LAN traffic (192.x vs 10.x for example) and make wireless clients VPN to get to my LAN. i already have a dhcp server on the LAN and i would like to use the WRT as the wireless DHCP server (but not DHCP for LAN). I am running Satori. any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  2. Toril

    Toril Network Guru Member

    From what I understand, the two interfaces are just that ... separate interfaces. They're bridged so they appear to be in the same network. If you could undo that, at least with the internal, LAN, bridged interfaces, presto-- two internal LAN interfaces and one external WAN interface.

    It's kinda a pain tho... before I bought any wireless router, my AP was just a usb nic on a linux box (on a different subnet.) I found myself saying "gee I wish I could just bridge these interfaces and be done with it." MAC address filtering and WEP is good for security for now, fair security at least. Hopefully we'll see an 802.11i update for these guys and kick in the AES encryption...

    So if you're really concerned about security and want to separate the subnets, I'm sure it's possible with a bit of work...
  3. toomuch

    toomuch Network Guru Member

    thx for the response. i'll try and remove the bridge and enable dhcp on the wireless interface.
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