Sell me on the Asus RT-N66U

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by JTD121, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. JTD121

    JTD121 Addicted to LI Member

    Hey all,

    I am itching for an upgrade, I think the 54G (v4) is now being a slight bottleneck, though I am not sure if it's the hardware (OC'd to 250MHz, stable for the last three months) or the software (runnibg v1.28.7633 .3-Toastman-IPT-ND ND Std).

    There are only two devices the support 802.11N right now; Xbox 360 Slim, and the SO's laptop, though I am pretty sure it's going to bite the bit soon.

    I am currently running with an HP 6910p, which, according to Device Manager, does not support N, but the WiFi card is listed by Intel as AGN, mine is AG. Thinking of upgrading that. Also a Thinkpad T43p in the living room for everyone to use (friends mostly, if they stay the night).

    Anyway, it looks like the AsusWRT is pretty good for stock OEM firmware. My problem, that I need to be sold on, is the price at the moment. And possible Tomato/OpenWRT upgrades.

    Is there something substantially better for ~$150-180? Is Tomato/OpenWRT leaps and bounds better than AsusWRT? Probably looks less pretty, but is less resource-intensive as well.

    I honestly do not know when (not if) I will upgrade at the moment. But I do want to upgrade. This may be the wrong forum to ask, if so, please feel free to move it, or lock it. Or make me feel stupid. It's all good! :)
  2. JugsteR

    JugsteR Addicted to LI Member

    It is the best for the money, and tomato is supported. Done deal.

    You are welcome!

    Signature? Signature!
  3. JTD121

    JTD121 Addicted to LI Member

    Awesome, just as I thought! Thanks!
  4. ulyan

    ulyan Networkin' Nut Member

    I owner a linksys E3000 and now I bought this asus. The main reason it's specs and superior performance, but mainly the flash memory size (I even opened the case and installed an microSD for the optware). I think It will receive long-term support if the developer will continue to do so. So I'm happy :)

    PD: Remember, to fully take advantage of it, use entware. :cool:
  5. JTD121

    JTD121 Addicted to LI Member

    Entware? I must be seriously behind the times. I have been using stock(ish) DD-WRT and Tomato (USB and Toastman) since I bought the 54G, so I must not understand what Entware is. Looks like it's a 'replacement' for Optware on 2.6 kernel firmware?

    Then again, I've only been using 2.4 kernel firmware, since the newer stuff will slow my router down significantly (I tried, trust me). But I'm no Linux guru, though I'd love to learn some more!
  6. Russell Pelfrey

    Russell Pelfrey Serious Server Member

    ASUS RT-N66U purchased at newegg for just under $170 with No tax plus free shipping. It's starting its third day since purchase, and have had no issues. It is a powerful features reach devise with the current tomato firmware ware. The stock firmware had some glitches. When it came to refreshing clients list. Tomato took care of this. The connection has always established at 300m, very stable, even at 75ft from outside through brick exterior. Equipment on line : 2 cell phones, 3 laptops, 1NAS drive, 1 tv, 1samsung blu-ray (netflix), 1wii(netfix) , 2 wireless printers. I consider this router a rock solid and worth the investment.
  7. ppsun

    ppsun Networkin' Nut Member

    Ran an RT-N66U since March, but had to revert back to my old Linksys E3000 for a few weeks. Back on RT-N66U now, and found that it's more stable, has noticeably better performance and does more things than E3000. Even though E3000 was no slouch in most respects; the RT-N66U was simply too good.
  8. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

  9. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

  10. alexlau

    alexlau LI Guru Member

  11. JTD121

    JTD121 Addicted to LI Member

    Okay, so can someone run me through Entware, I imagine it does not run on/with Tomato? I mean, obviously with the monstrous N66U behind it, it could do tons more things, but I am not sure what....

    Also, sorry for thread zombie revival.....:)
  12. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    You can use Entware on your RT-N66U. I don't know where you get the impression it doesn't work.

    If you don't know what Entware is for/what it provides, then it shouldn't be a focal point for your purchase. Unless what you meant to ask was "What does Entware do / what is it for" rather than "Can someone run me through Entware", in which case it'd require a lot of inertia to be able to shove an entire human body through a piece of software in attempt to murder it.
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