seperate network for wireless ethernet bridge

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by josh sox, May 11, 2014.

  1. josh sox

    josh sox Network Newbie Member

    im trying to implement a separate network segment by wireless ethernet bridge.
    this segment has its own dhcp server, and is on a class A network( versus the class C network( it is wirelessly bridged to.

    i need the segment to still be able to route to gateway to WAN, but to be completely separate from the rest of the network, ie no communication.

    there are three routers on the network two are hard wired to each other, the third is connected in via wireless ethernet bridge

    main router
    second router
    third router wireless ethernet bridge
    the bridge is implemented via eth1 on the 5ghz radio
    a secondary wireless network on eth0 on the 2.4ghz radio

    i created br1 dhcp enabled
    but im lost as to what to do next, a helping hand would be very much appreciated
  2. josh sox

    josh sox Network Newbie Member

    Well no help, lol. I figured it myself.
    vlans and tagging do not seem to have any effect whatsoever. but i was able to get it working by doing this.
    setup a static ip for the third router of at the main router
    for the wireless bridge i set the third routers 5ghz radio to wireless client, and the appropriate settings
    in basic i changed br0 to dhcp enabled
    all is working well, the network segment is completely isolated with its own dhcp server with wan access
    in theory if you didnt want the segregation you could set the br0 to a private class c network on the same subnet,
    but not the same range
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