Serial port wiring on WRT54G (I want standard PC com ports)!

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by netphreak, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. netphreak

    netphreak Network Guru Member

    I really don't know where to ask these questions, so I'll try here. If you read this and can't answer, I'd be very happy to get advices on where to go :)


    I have a WRT54G, v2.1. It works very stable with dd-wrt image, I am currently reading up on switching to open-wrt as I need some customization for my project. The software part I can manage. But the hardware... :cry:

    All of you have probably seen the guide on how to add two rs232 serial ports to WRT54G. Nice guide. But I need two "com" ports that works the same way as the standard com ports on most desktop computers (although some newer mainboards have skipped these old fashioned ports - why, I still need them!).

    So I started reading up on rs232 and wiring. What a mess! There are simply too many standards... So I'll try to explain what I intend to use the ports for:

    I have two satelite receivers at home, Dreambox. One of the major benefits of these recievers, is that they use "softcams" - meaning, I can have a linux box (of almost any kind) with the correct softcams installed, and the softcams reads my payTV cards from card readers connected to com ports and send the codes to both of my receivers over tcp/ip. This way, one payTV card can be used on two (or eight) receivers simultanously.

    In short: A few bytes are requested by each receiver about every 10 sec. Once in a while a few byte is sent from the satelite provider to update the card as well.

    So - what kind of com ports do I need? With or without handshake? I will have to buy an adapter on THIS page, but which one?

    can I get more than 2 rs232 ports? I will build a new case for it, so no need to be concerned about space trouble...

    If I have not made a completely confusing post again, I'd sure need some advices... I am really not a hardware engineer :cry:
  2. kevin9500

    kevin9500 Guest

    hi im new here

    i want to do the same thing with my linksys wrt v2 i already flashed the firmware and my dreambox is connected to it but i want to connect my cardreaders to my linksys by a serialcom port do you already have it done ???

    do you know how to do and withs part i need???

    thank you

    best regards
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