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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by fiza, Mar 24, 2005.

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    HI Everyone,

    I have 30 computers, running Win 2003. They are both connected to Linksys cable/dsl router to share

    I have a small but growing office (30 people so far). We want to network in such a fashion as to have constant-on high-speed internet access, be able to email and share files internally (as through an Intranet), and be able to modem in from the outside to access files. I would appreciate anyone steering me in the direction of information that would tell us how to do this. We are so small I can't get any of the local networking firms to call me back
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    you are going to want to pick up a smaller comercial grade router from ebay. because one of the retail units like the wrt54g would get pretty hot under the load of serving 30 pc's you may get an ap just fr the wireless portion. but the routing should be done by a dedicated router.

    also some models also include a dial in feature where they include a few modems or either dial in backup internet or dial in access from the outside.
    look for specs on some of the cheaper cisco routers.
    such equipment can be had for about 150 bucks if you get the right seller.
    make sure that you get the right item because you dont want to have to pay shipping and cost for an item you cannot use.

    i will look for suitable units. and edit this post at a later date

    i found that cisco doesnt like dialup that much and leaves that part of the buisness to 3com
    ok here is what you need.

    it includes 2 dalup modems. and a broadband router as well as a four port switch.
    it can accept some dial in connections and route dial up access and boradband.

    you may be better off just buying a pc and throwing 2 nics in it 4 modems and some linux or server software. and then connecting a switch to the 1st nic and a cable modem to the 2nd then using nat.

    i have found pci router cards on ebay which include rj45 ports and modems. in one card. but i can not find them now.

    wireless can be had be adding an ap to the switch.
    its all about what you have resources for. the pc wouldnt have to be fast at all pIII 500 routes my traffic with time to spare.

    i would look into a good ap though because after a few clients the home use ap's can really slow down.

    this item may be better
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