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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 25, 2006.

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    [align=justify:1a331d41b2]Hi. This is my first post here so please be patient.

    I have been experiencing some disgusting net slowdowns as of late. My cable internet provider has recently boosted our speed to 10 Mbit/s yet I'm getting the worst connection I have ever had. The problem though seems to be coming from downloading softwares like emule azureus bit tornado etc...

    Whenever I start any of these, my net speeds on my providers FTP can go down from a max of around 800 k/sec to 20 k/sec and I get frequent time out error while browsing the web. I have tried limiting myself to a single download and limiting my uploads to a single upload of as little as 10 k/sec and I still get slow downs. [/align:1a331d41b2]

    My current setup is this :
    Motorolla surfboard SB 5100 cable modem
    Lynksys wrt54g router
    1 wireless connection with D-link airplus g pci adapter
    2 computers hooked with regular network cards.

    [align=justify:1a331d41b2]I am wondering how I could optimize this setup to avoid such headaches.

    What firmware do you guys suggest ? How should I set up my ports? Do I really need to limit my upload that much? [/align:1a331d41b2]
    Thank you very much.
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