setting auto reboot every day...

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by drutort, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. drutort

    drutort Network Guru Member

    Just wondering what do some of the readers here think of having the routers reboot at some time say at home when nobody is online, or on any computer

    the issues that i had is WDS, the need for it is obvious

    running 2x wrt54gs v2.1 and v4

    other issue is a wireless netgear (WGPS606) usb printer with 4 ports 10/100... that thing for some reason had major major issues with WDS, all would be perfect, for say a day... but you go and hit print... and nothing... the thing just freezes or could print maybe some garbage... so you had to go and plug/unplug... to get it to work... which some what completely defeats the purpose of wireless?

    but i guess i kind of cheated and forced it to keep working with rebooting the routers... max of 4 comps and some laptop and other wireless devices...

    I hear people talking about running for days/months... im curious is to why? its same as some people wish to leave there systems on for weeks... i cant imagine to use a windows box after it has been on and used for more then 24h... for me its all fresh and clean or minimal... used to be because of gaming and other issues in the day but i keep it that way...

    just wondering why people leave there routers and dont have them reboot? is it a cheap way to solve solution(s)? or is it a logical way to clean things up so to speak
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