Setting up a RV082 VPN for Client to Gateway on FW 1.3.2

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by win32, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. win32

    win32 LI Guru Member

    Hi all,

    Few questions about the VPN -> Client to Gateway screen:

    Just flashed up my RV082 with the new firmware 1.3.2 (Nov 23 2005 21:04:24) and I want to set up a VPN so I can connect with QuickVPN when I am out and about...

    1) What is the IP / FQDN requirement about for "Local Group Setup" or "Remote Client Setup"? Shouldn't I be able to connect from just anywhere?

    2) FQDN is for a DNS lookup, right? It isn't LDAP lookup functionality?

    3) The QuickVPN client I got with my router is copyright 2004 and shows a file version of 1,0,0,28. No version number in help, no updates in do they actually support this product? Does it support any profile options beyond User/Password/Server?

    4) Can I connect with Cisco VPN Client?

    Sorry for the newb questions- I promise to RTFM if I ever find a manual for 1.3.2. Please feel free to post references and I will go educate myself :dunce:
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    1. Local Group is the IP range of Domain at the Routers side. YOUR LAN etc.

    2.FDQN is: Fully Qualified Domain Name. You use this is your VPN endpoint has a Fully Qualified Domain Name / DDNS entry. the IP address is converted by DNS servers.

    3. QuickVPN does not use the Clients to gateway mode. it uses the "VPN Clients Access" page. download v1.0.40 from our downloads section. Use the VPN Clients Accesspage on the router to setup QuickVPN clients access.

    4. I have no idea.
  3. win32

    win32 LI Guru Member

    I see... so whats up with the C to G tunnels?

    Thanks Toxic :thumbup: The "VPN Clients Access" looks much easier to set up...

    So what clients use the tunnels set up in the "Client to Gateway" screen then?

    .. and is QuickVPN any more secure or superior in any way to using the PPTP server?
  4. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    QuickVPN uses IPSEC so it should be better than using PPTP although it works slightly differently to other IPSEC clients.
  5. jm23hh

    jm23hh Network Guru Member

    RV082/Cisco VPN Client

    does not work...

  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    want to enlighten us about you comment that tells us nothing?

    WHAT does not work?
  7. win32

    win32 LI Guru Member

    QuickVPN alternatives

    I will stick with QuickVPN then until I find an alternative. PPTP is easy to connect to with stock Windows XP, but security is my priority. Thanks for the info Taz.

    I am a little worried by the QVPN tutorial that says any other installed VPN package can kill it. We use Cisco VPN at out main office and I don't want to get into compatibility hassles.

    I guess I should go try it out before griping about it though, huh?
  8. ispconsultant

    ispconsultant LI Guru Member

    Ok, I give. I have browsed the forums now for over an hour, tried various things, and not seeing what I want. So at the risk of asking a question that has been answered, I will go ahead and ask anyway.

    I have a RV082 running an https website (port 443 forwards to a server running apache). I need a vpn client.
    I downloaded and installed the QuickVPN client but sure dont see any man pages or config help. I added a user id to the VPN->VPN Client Access section on the router and added the same user to my client.

    It looks like I am supposed to open ports on the router.
    I added allow any-any port 500 and port 60443 rules in the firewall.
    The release notes for QuickVPN say it tries to use port 60443 and some posts mentioned port 500.

    So far no luck.
    RV082 firmware is 1.3.2 and I downloaded QuickVPN 1.0.39.
    What am I missing?

    Any help or references on where to look for setup guide would be much appreciated.
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