Setting up a webserver with port 80 blocked

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jlande37, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. jlande37

    jlande37 Network Guru Member

    I am trying to set up a web server, but my ISP(Opt Online) blocks port 80. I have a WRT54G and a FC4 box running Apache and Im trying to use DYNDNS/webhop. I have unsuccessfully tried to forward request from port 8000 external to my servers port 80 in my router. Any guidance as to how to forward from port 8000 to 80 or any other configurations without having to append :8000 to my URL is greatly appreciated. Even if I had to go with a pay service I would. Also would OpenWRT be a solution, are there any benfits to running a server behind that? Thanks in advance.
  2. vinegar

    vinegar Guest

    you can do it with webhop. let's say your dyndns dynamic domain is and your webhop is set to forward to tada
  3. jlande37

    jlande37 Network Guru Member

    I have done that. I know my apache onfiguration is working. I have set it to listen on port 8000 and internal ips are working correctly. I have webhop set to forward to and it seems to resolve b/c when I enter the webhop URL it I can see in the browser the cloaks the address and thats as far as it gets. In my router settings I have Port Range forwarding set Start 7999 and end 8100 to the ip of my server.
  4. jlande37

    jlande37 Network Guru Member

    I have used zoneedit(like dyndns) and it seems to be working as far as I can access the router management interface as well as ssh and ftp to my machine, but I can not get the router to forward to my machine on port 8000. Do I have to disable the firewall for this to work? Is that in a blocked range? I am running firmware version 2.04. Do you think a firmware upgrade or a switch to firmeware like DD-WRT would resolve my problem? My ISP defiantely does block port 80 but I dont think that it blocks all HTTP requests b/c of the fact that I can access the router remotely and pact inspection would also be a bit more difficult. Any help would greatly appreciated, Im at wits end here.
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