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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Porca, Oct 23, 2007.

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    Hey everyone, just registered so I apologize if this isn't where it's suppose to go but anyways let me begin. I have the Linksys WRT54G v3.1 now I own a Xbox 360 which is in my room, the Ethernet cable runs back from the Xbox 360 and connects into the back of the Linksys, everything is fine and I am good to go.

    Now this is where problems occur, when I sign onto Xbox Live and I am getting ready to play with my friends, we go and play Halo 3, everyone has perfect connection and has no lag whatsoever but me on the other hand am lagging constantly, respawn is 5 seconds normally but to me it is about 1-2 minutes. Everything is so slow, jumping is a pain, etc.

    Now they told me about the NAT, I went and did some Port Forwarding, so I can change it to Open, I did but that didn't resolve my lag issue. I was reading through my Linksys Setup Page and I noticed that

    1) I don't have a Wireless Security Setup
    2) My SSID is Linksys but I was reading a article that it shouldn't be the default name so I changed it.
    3) My channel is on 6 -2.437 GHZ but I think I need to change this as well.
    4) My DMZ is disabled but I think I should enable it and add me Xbox's IP?
    5) My Firewall Protection is On and it also has a check to block anonymous internet request, should it be on so it can recognize Xbox Live?

    I think that my main problem here is that I need to set up a Wireless Security because other people might be stealing my connection, which therefore makes it slow. I noticed that it gets horrible at night, in the morning or early afternoon it's not that bad. Please guys I am really desperate here and I need help on this, also any tips on what not to do or what I should change? I called Linksys but they always seem to have this accent like there from Pakistan, etc, can't understand that well and they speak in a low voice.

    If you guys need to know anything else just let me know in this post, and mabye help me set up a Wireless Security, the best type? I think from what I read on a article here WPA2 is the best one. Thanks again in advance!
  2. cfinic

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    You might want to try setting up a security key.

    I usually use WPA-2 with a key from this website:

    Its supposed to be as close to a random number as you can get. The security using the combo is pretty good. Also you may want to try running some speed tests, to see what you're running. This should keep those pesky wi-fi surfers from stealing your net.
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