Setting up ADSL modem access in Tomato on WRT54GSv4 router

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by apinunt, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. apinunt

    apinunt LI Guru Member

    I just acquired a Linksys AM300 ADSL modem, and got it to work connected directly to my PC with no problem. I also have a Linksys router and a second computer, and thought I could connect the ADSL modem to the router to share the internet with both computers, but cannot get it to work.
    The routers IP is so I had previously set the ADSL modem to in order to eliminate any conflict, but cannot ping the modem through the router.
    Has anyone got a similar setup and can share info on what I may have to change to get this setup to work?
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    You should have the modem on a different subnet not just a different IP.

    Do you put the AM300 in pppoe full bridge mode? Or are you going to run with "double nat" or "half-bridge"?
  3. apinunt

    apinunt LI Guru Member

    Thanks for the response. Someone on IRC said the same thing, and I am going to try and change the modem to which is what the old satellite modem was using.
    Currently the modem is set to RFC2516 PPPoE mode, and I don't really understand what the different modes are. I would like it to work like the satellite connection I had previously, where the modem contains the login and password.
    The modem shows NAT enabled, but I can't find NAT mentioned in the routers setup pages using Tomato firmware. Nor do I understand what NAT does.
  4. apinunt

    apinunt LI Guru Member

    I've now have the router set to and the modem set to
    I can connect to the internet using just the modem connected to a computer by setting the computers IP to, and the gateway and DNS to
    I connect the modem to the WAN port of the router, and change the computers IP back to and the gateway and DNS to 192.168 1.1 in the computer, and in the routers Tomato fw setup, Basic, Network, set connection to static and enter an IP of but cannot connect to the Internet.
    At this point I can bring up a browser and type and access the routers Tomato setup page, and if I type it also logs into the routers Tomato setup page and not the modems setup page.
    I've read everything I can find, and only am becoming more confused. Would greatly appreciate any help resolving this
  5. baldrickturnip

    baldrickturnip LI Guru Member

    you will probably find it easier to set the modem to full bridge mode and then use your WRT54 to drive it - do all your PPPoE settings in tomato - set your gateway on your computers to the WRT54.

    you can then add a line in the scripts page so you gain access your modem from inside your network if you want to look at its status page etc.
    a quick search should show you the line you need to add
  6. pfoomer

    pfoomer LI Guru Member

    this may help
  7. apinunt

    apinunt LI Guru Member

    As it is right now, I can access the router set up page at, but cannot access the modems setup page at
    Both addresses bring up the routers setup page.
    On Tomato's Basic - Network page I have the following changes applied:
    Type - Static
    IP Address -
    Subnet Mask -
    Gateway -
    MTU - Manual 1492

    Router IP Address -
    Subnet Mask -
    Static DNS -

    Something confusing is when I view the Advanced - Routing page, it shows:
    Current routing table
    Destination Gateway Subnet Mask Metric Interface * 0 br0 (LAN) * 0 vlan1 (WAN) * 0 lo
    default 0 vlan1 (WAN)
    Should I have 2 entries showing vlan1 (WAN)?
    And why is the subnet mask showing when I set it to

    I wish to keep the login to the ISP in the modem, which is how the router was working when it was connected to a satellite system.

    Edit: Previously, I was able to access the routers setup at, and the satellite modems setup screens at and now both addresses bring up Tomato in the router.

    Does anyone see anything wrong above, or know of something I've overlooked in setup?
  8. apinunt

    apinunt LI Guru Member

    Correction to previous post.
    Previously I was able to access the satellite modems setup screens by typing:
  9. brugar

    brugar Network Guru Member

    You need to set the Tomato router's WAN address to 192.168.0.x where x is not 1. The WAN gateway address (the address of your ADSL modem) is correct.

    You may need to change the LAN Static DNS address to to access the internet. This assumes that the ADSL modem provides domain name service.
  10. apinunt

    apinunt LI Guru Member

    Thank you very much. This fixed everything and I learned something. I've been working on this problem for several months and am very relieved to have it fixed.
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