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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by scawa, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. scawa

    scawa Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G Linksys router (CDF7) with firmware version 3.03.1.

    I want to set up a home network consisting of

    - 2 Linux boxes wired (to be used as Database Servers, file servers and a Web Server to be accessed only from within my home network)

    - A Windows Workstation Wired (to be used as a GUI development box and On-line trading platform)

    - Several other Windows wireless laptops.

    I want to be able to fix the IP addresses of the Linux Boxes and access those boxes by their IP address from within the network (not from outside). I can use that IP address to access services like PostGreSQL, MySQL and Apache from within my network.

    The wireless laptops and Windows Desktop don't need fixed IP addresses.

    However, I don't see in my firmware where I fix those IP addresses and relate them to the Linux Boxes... or do I just set this in the Linux config files?

    I also don't see any place where I can configure which ports are open or locked down in this firmware version. Do I need a different firmware version to access these type features?

    I also need to set up an sshd daemon on each of the Linux boxes and access them through Putty. I've tried this (I can ping each Linux box and get response), but it seems that Putty just shows a blank putty terminal... no response. Does anyone have an example of a sshd_config file that they use that WORKS?

    Any help in doing this myriad of tasks would be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot for the help. SHHD documentation available in the OPEN SSH project for linux is very sparse....

    Stephen McConnell
  2. beatgr

    beatgr Network Guru Member

    Stephen -

    You have MANY items to cover... SO let's start with the basics .. cabling infrastructure. EIA/TIA-570A is the standard for residental and small office cable infrastructure (finalized in 1999)

    You will have a home network (home side of router) that will likely use the network assignment.

    In commercial & business IPv4 network designs -- one common approach is to RESERVE the first and last 10 IP addresses for static address devices (servers, routers, gateways, RAS, etc.)

    Linksys usually (by default) starts the dynamic IP address space at and goes up to 255 (Can be cahnged in admin/menu functions of Linksys router)

    You can start your servers static IP addressed at
    The Lunksys NSLU2 devices has a default static IP address of

    The laptops and workstation can get a dynamic IP address from the router (which acts as the DNC server)

    Now to assoicate a name to an IP address is the function of DNS. You could run DNS from one of your servers for name assignments to the IP address within your network (I have done this - on occasion - and it is very convinent for laptops that use your home network.)

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