Setting WRT54G as an AP w/WRT54GS

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Buckoo, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Buckoo

    Buckoo LI Guru Member

    New to the forum, have found where you can do this, and did it, but have troubles now.

    I am using a WRT54GS v4 as the main router behind the modem. Ran CAT5 to basement (3 story house) and placed in the #1 LAN port of the
    WRT54G v2. All was well, could access the 54G fine and no problem, however upstairs, running off the ports of the GS I couldn't contact the Internet, I could only navigate just within my network (other computers).

    Had to unplug the 54G to be able to access the Internet upstairs.

    I have a WAP11 that I have been using downstairs, but all my systems do WPA (not WEP) and I hate to set the WAP11 to run on MAC address's only.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Buckoo

    Buckoo LI Guru Member

    No answers, so I tried different methods till one worked.

    Original WRT54GS is behind the modem, acting as a wireless and using it as a router.

    Ran CAT 5 from router's ports to VOIP device, computer, and DLink gigabit switch. Good so far.

    Now, ran CAT 5's from switch ports to other computers in office AND to basement where the WRT54G is located (however after updating the firmware, the interface indicates it's a WRT54GL now). Also set the IP of the WRT54G to so as not to interfere with the WRT54GS. Also, sat the GS to wireless channel 1 and the G to channel 11. Left everything else as is.

    Plugged CAT 5 into Port1 of the WRT54G, and ran other CAT 5's (from the rest of the open ports) to other computers in the basement. Did not use the WAN on the WRT54G.

    Still maintained WPA security on both WRT's, however the GS is assigned one SSID and the G is assigned another. Now if the signal is too weak on one router, I simply connect to the other.

    Now have an entire "linked" system so that I can use any computer or wireless laptop and "see" other computers and their drives to share data.

    Works great. Hope it helps others. :thumbup:
  3. mervincm

    mervincm Network Guru Member

    If you set the security info the same on both devices, your clients can seemlessly move from one wireless AP to the other, no manual intervention required. That might be even better for you.
  4. Buckoo

    Buckoo LI Guru Member

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
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