Setting WRVS4400N Back To Default

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DocLarge, Nov 26, 2007.

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    It has been noticed that it is an issue to get the router to go back to factory default at times; the best way to do things (from "my" experience) is to unplug "any" ethernet cables plugged into the router's LAN ports, to include the WAN port. Then, unplug the power cord.

    Press the reset button a few times just to discharge (it sounds hokey, but this procuedure works for me). Next, hold the reset button down and plug the power cable back in. Hold the button down for a "minimum" of 45 seconds. For some reason, the memory sometimes takes a herculean effort to clear

    Once you've down this, the router should be back to factory default. Upon going back into the router's web gui, go to the administrative page and reset the router to factory default. When the router comes back up, make all of your configurations "with nothing plugged into any of the ports."

    This is the "die-hard" method of clearing the "bastage" out!:)

    Once you've got the configuration you want, plug all of your cables back in and do a reboot. Things should be square now. If not, repeat the process (but you shouldn't have to...)

    By the way, we are actively looking into the issue with the router not performing DHCP on a consistent basis. I'm actually using dhcp on the computer I'm typing this post with, but it took me "forever" to get it running because the router didn't want to reset properly.

    We'll keep you posted...

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    Got DHCP Working (Somehow)

    I messed around "forever" trying to get DHCP to work from an initial factory reset and couldn't get it to work (for some odd reason). So, I gave up for the time being and just issued a static setting like I always did to connect to the router. Later, I changed the address (on my laptop) back to "obtain ip automatically;" still nothing...

    Somewhere down the road while configuring and rebooting, I happen to click on "conntracking" on the status page of the router and saw an ip address of The damn thing had started issuing ip addresses!!! I haven't the faintest idea how or why it started working all of a sudden :) I'm a little peeved that it didn't work when I wanted it to, but it is now.

    I may reset the whole router again an see what the deal-e-o is. For the moment it appears DHCP is quite intermittent.


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