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    First of all, this might not be related to Tomato firmware, but I think I need to use it to accomplish my scenario, because this one is kind of complicated.

    My ISP recently switched from PPPoE to DHCP. They give me 4 dynamic IPs and I would like to have them all bridged to computers. Ok, that's not a problem, but I also want a private LAN. Do I need to setup a VPN or is it possible to do this with Tomato somehow? Also applying QoS to all the Internet connections from the computers would be nice.

    So, I don't want any hardware firewalls or NAT between, just a direct connection for every computer to the Internet and a way to create a LAN between the computers too. I've tried Hamachi (VPN), but the problem is that it doesn't always work properly. By that I mean sometimes the traffic gets routed thru the Internet -> it's _very_ slow and sometimes it just goes straight from my modem to the other PC.

    My hardware:
    A-link RoadRunner 44 (adsl modem, wlan, ethernet)
    Buffalo WHR-G125 (wlan, ethernet) flashed with latest Tomato firmware
    1 wireless laptop (Windows Vista)
    2 wired computers (Windows XP Pro)

    I've heard that Linux distros are able to get an IP from a DHCP server and assign a static private IP to the adapter too. On the other hand, Windows isn't able to do this, so how would I get my LAN working without switching to Linux. The easiest way to resolve this would be having two IPs assigned to each adapter, one from the ISP DHCP and one static.

    Oh, and later this year, I think I need to connect an another LAN to this LAN, but it'll be VPN, of course, so no need to focus on it (yet).

    EDIT: Earlier this wasn't a problem, because the PPPoE adapter would get an external IP and the ethernet controller a private one.
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