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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mgill, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. mgill

    mgill Network Guru Member


    I have read a number of posts this evening and Im still not sure what Im trying to setup.

    Just got dont wiring my house with Cat-6, so here is my setup:

    Cable modem brings internet into the house. Its connected to a WRT54GS (no version listed on the label) configured as a gateway. One of the lan connections leaves the WRT54GS and goes to the attic, where I have mounted a gigabit switch (Belkin, no user settings). I have then run a Cat6 to my garage from the switch, where I want to connect my second WRT54GS, which is a version 2.1. So the two WRT54GSs are hardwired through the switch.

    I would like this second WRT54GS to operate as a wireless access point with the same SSID so my wireless network is expanded for better coverage on that side of the house. I would like to be able to move from each side of the house and be able to use the strongest signal from either box without config change. And I would also like to use the lan ports in this second WRT54GS for an additional pc at its location.

    So is this bridging? Or just adding another access point? I'm assuming the setup for my first WRT54GS is ok, the key here is what do I do in the setup of my second WRT54GS? I know I need to put it in 'Router Mode', but do I need to configure static routing? Or something else?

    All comments and help appreciated. I'll draw a picture if it helps!

  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    It is setting the second WRT54GS as a access point only and not as a bridge. Connect to the second WRT54GS thorugh a wired connection on a computer not connected to the first WRT54GS. Enter in your browser and you should be prompted for the password. If you have not changed it it should be admin. Change the local address of the second WRT54GS not to conflict with the local address of the first WRT54GS and outside the range of the DHCP server of the first WRT54GS and disable the DHCP server on the second WRT54GS and save your settings. Reconnect to the second WRT54GS by its new local address. Setup the SS-ID and security to match the first WRT54GS. If either router can pickup the signal of the other you will have to set the channels not to have minimum overlap. Channels 1, 4, 8 and 11 have minimum overlap. On advanced routing set the secon WRT54GS as a router and not a gateway. Since you are using a switch in between both routers I beleive you can connect it from its internet port. Normally if you connect both of the WRT54GS together you would connect one of the LAN ports of the first WRT54GS to one of the LAN port od of the second WRT54GS.
  3. phillytim

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    Isn't it required that channels not overlap, meaning should the advice be given that one router be on channel 6, while the other router be on either channel 1 or channel 11?

    The 5-channels-apart rule is still valid, isn't it?
  4. mgill

    mgill Network Guru Member

    Ok, things are connected now. However, the behavior is still not quite right. Both routers are connected through the switch and the second router has its own ip, dhcp is disabled, the ssid and security settings (tkip) match the first router. The second router is also running as a router (not a gateway), and is on channel 11 (first router is on channel 6).

    If I start standing next to the first router the wireless signal is quite strong. I can walk away and through the house and the signal drops as expected. As I walk toward the new second router the signal continues to drop until it disappears. The device (neither my laptop or my pocket pc) automatically picks up the signal from the new second router. If I do a site survey with my pocket pc I see the ssid show up in my list twice on the two channels. But the router on channel 11 (the new one) routinely dissappears - If I refresh every 30 seconds it will be there twice and then be gone.

    So it seems I have two problems:

    1. I'm not yet setup so that my devices 'hop' from access point to access point so I can travel through my house without having to manually transfer and

    2. the second router seems to 'drop' its signal at regular intervals.

    Both routers are running 4.7 firmware from Linksys.

    Can anyone shed any light on my situation? Thanks.

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