setup questions for wireless 2.4ghz linksys and BEFSR81

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by aqueryus, Dec 10, 2005.

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    I recently added a Linksys wireless 4port router (802.11b) 2.4ghz to my existing wired network running an older 8port Linksys BEFSR81. I want to give wireless access to my MAC powerbook in my office.

    I want to make sure I have configured both routers properly to ensure maximum interoperability and stability.

    Here is my setup
    BEFSR81 8 port router
    attached to cable modem via Wan port
    7 ports to PC
    1 port to linksys Wireless router

    configured with static ip, dns, and gateway from cable company
    router lan IP
    set up for dhcp lan clients

    Linksys wireless 4port router
    wan port cable attached to BEFSR81 port
    Port 1 wire attached to MAC desktop
    wireless client Mac Powerbook

    configured with static ip router ip
    dns cable supplied dns servers
    dhcp clients set up with

    both are setup to function as routers and all other settings are default

    is this configuration correct? or will i run into trouble running dhcp from two separate routers. i'm only concerned with sharing files between the pc's setup physically on each router. i don't need to have both groups of pc's "talking" to one another. i just need internet on all of them.

    at the moment the network seems to functioning properly - devices connected with the wireless router have the right ip address range
    and are accessing the web

    the devices attaced to the BEFSR81 have the correct ip address range as well and are also hitting websites.

    Just want to make sure i set this up correctly.

    Thanks for any advice.
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