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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by rackunit, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. rackunit

    rackunit Network Guru Member

    Virgin poster here.
    well not actually a virgin-poster but a virgin post from a guy who isnt actually a virgin (I swear).
    OK well thats got my attempt at being funny out of the way, down to my question.

    Wireless Hardware: 3 x WRT54G , 2 x directional antennas, 1 x Omni slotted waveguide.

    Locations and services
    : 1 - WRT54G1 Streaming Media File Server + Citrix Terminal server.
    : 2 - WRT54G2 MediaPlayer + 4 x PC's + Linux Firewall-Router with main internet connection.
    :3 - WRT54G3 2x PC's

    I would like to have Fastest Possible connectivity between all 3 locations.

    I have read some tutorials already and setup WDS, however I understand WDS really chews up your bandwidth.
    I currently have Hubs at each location which i was going to uplink into the WRT54G's to provide extra network ports

    -Is Freeman 1.04 the best firmware to acheive this.
    -Which wireless mode is optimum for this. ie Client Bridge/Client Routed/WDS ?
    -Should I have seperate subnets at each location to avoid collisions/Multicast traffic over the wireless links.
    -help on setting up static routes if different subnets are suggested

    Fairly big ask on a first post so any replies or links to relevant posts would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Not always. See here and here for details.

    Personally I'd choose DD-WRT v22-r2 (v23 is currently beta but when it goes stable it will likely be my recomendation since it greatly improves wireless speeds, supports WPA2 & a true client bridge mode in addition to the newer hardware)

    Well if you want wireless client to be able to connect to routers 1 & 3 then your only option is WDS. Also if routers 1 & 3 are within range of each other so you could configure a WDS connection between them then throughput between their clients would be much faster than if the traffic has to be passed through router 2. Beyond that there really shouldn't be much of a functional or performance difference that I can think of.

    Wouldn't be a bad idea. (BTW I believe you meant broadcast instead of multicast traffic)

    Sorry, will have to wait for another post, don't have the time right now. ;)

    Good luck!
  3. rackunit

    rackunit Network Guru Member


    I just want to say that was the best reply in my entire BB history !!!! ( normally people are only so descriptive and accurate with point form replies when they are flamming someone .....LOL)
    Im going to get started on reading all the posts you have referenced, and i will also road test the "DD-wrt" binary.

    That should be enough to keep me going for a while.

    I should have mentioned also, I have an old D-link DWL-2100AP which I will plug in to the hub at Location 2 to provide an AP for my laptop which only has a 802.11B card.
    I thought this would be a good idea meaning that I could run all the WRT's on G-ONLY mode and take advantage of linksys Third party "Afterburn" enhancement.

    Anyway thanks again

    Kind regards
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