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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by spock, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. spock

    spock Network Guru Member

    Just setting up an internet sharing wireless connection using XP SP2 Home. Managed to set up the WAG54G OK via an ethernet patch cable. Eventually had a good wireless connection with the PC via WUSB54G based upon WEP128 bit encryption. (As yet I do not have the ADSL connection live but want to get the PC talking to the router ready for go live on 18 March)

    Connection would not reestablish automatically after switching both router/modem and PC off. (It looked like a repeat of the problems I had been having where the PC and router were out of step re WEP key) Do I need to disconnect it every time and set up manually by inputting the WEP key?

    Incidentally, how do I switch channels on the WUSB54G card. Using XP I have not seen any place which would allow me to do so.

    Would appreciate any advice.
  2. spock

    spock Network Guru Member

    Setup problems

    After a day to think about it and reading some of the posts on different threads I have resolved the problem and my network is now OK. It was the WEP keys out of step.

    Would still be grateful for info on how to change the channel on the USB card.
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