Setup WPA in XX steps...

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by bgonev, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. bgonev

    bgonev Network Guru Member

    Anyone can point a link of HOWTO setup WPA on WRT-54G ? Or anyone can explain in few words ?
  2. pasys

    pasys Network Guru Member

    setup wpa

    go to web config page.

    assuming ur wifi page is

    or you can go here directly

    now you see some secuirty options there. Put WPA-PreShare key (if you want to be even secure you can put WPA2..but only few devices do support WPA2 AND ITS waste of time at the moment. Please make sure your client supports WPA in the first place , check the manual to see if it supports WPA. If none of your clients support WPA , use WEP. But if they support WPA , you can contiune

    Next , as I said select WPA-Preshare key (i am assuming you're using DD-WRT)

    now , for WPA Algorithms , just put TKIP..TKIP should be fine enough ,or you can put combo of both (again not all wifi cards/clients do support this function). Next enter your key in WPA Shared Key , it could be anything (make sure you remember the key). Now leave the other funcition alone and vola , you have everything setup

    You should configure everything your client now , now just let the windows wireless guide thingy guide you. it should ask you for the password , just enter the WPA password you entered exactly on the wifi page to your client and it should work. you should see a connection. For mac , click the airport icon and select your AP name. Your mac will try to connect and it will say it needs the WPA Key. Enter the WPA key (it will select everything for (e.g if you set WPA with TKIP it will select automaticly , so does windows). Now you're set
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