Setuping up a Gene6 FTP server behind a router, but failed!

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by xswl, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. xswl

    xswl Guest

    I've setup up a GENE6 FTP server on my home pc,but it can not be accessed.
    There are a adsl modem,a linksys router,and two PCs in my network.

    My adsl modem can get a public IP address 202.232.*.*.I use to refer to its IP address.when I ping,it can return the right IP. I also setup the DMZ function in the modem to forward all the ports to which is the address of the WAN side of the router.

    The address of the LAN side of the router is,and it also worked as a DHCP server to give and to PCs connected on it. I setup up a port forward of TCP 8057 and TCP 8056 to in the router.

    The GENE6 runs on the and listens on port 8057. I've tested it by access ,so I'm sure the FTP server is OK.

    Now the problem is when I try to access the ftp from outside using,it fails with connection timeout,altough the real IP of my WAN can be resolved(connecting ftp://202.232.*.*:8057).

    Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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