share files between 2 established networks with 2 routers (1 with tomato)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by AMurderOfCrows, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Hey all

    Alright, so i've got a problem.

    I moved into my buddy's place for a temporary time. He has a bunch of network devices currently set up to share stuff with each other, including an internet connection.

    his router is also his dsl modem

    all of my devices are configured for dhcp. My router assigns everything a static dhcp based on mac address. this is required for certain elements of my network to function with my PC.

    Base config goes like this:

    (Owner) DSL Modem/Router 1 (Single Ethernet port) --> Switch 1 Uplink (Mine)
    (Owner) Router 1 WiFi --> Wii 1, ASUS Mini Laptop Wireless (XP), Sony PSP (All Owner)

    (Mine) Switch 1 LAN 1 --> Router 2 WAN (Tomato 1.19) (Mine)
    (Mine) Switch LAN 2 --> Xbox 360 (Owner)

    (Mine) Switch 1 LAN 3 --> Switch 2 Uplink (Owner)
    (Owner) Switch 2 LAN 1 --> PS3 (Owner)
    (Owner) Switch 2 LAN 2 -- ASUS Mini Laptop (XP) LAN Port (Owner)
    (Owner) Switch 2 LAN 3 --> Xbox Media Center 1 (Owner)

    (Mine) Router 2 LAN 1 --> PC (Vista) (Mine)
    (Mine) Router 2 LAN 2 --> Xbox 360 2 (Mine)
    (Mine) Router 2 LAN 3 --> Xbox Media Center 2 (Mine)
    (Mine) Router 2 LAN 4 --> Media Server (Win XP) (Mine)
    (Mine) Router 2 WiFi --> Dell Laptop Wireless (XP/Vista), Wii 2 (Mine)

    Anything that says (Mine) can be moved around so long as when i go it is as easy as plugging in his switch in place of mine to get his devices all back online.

    Anything that says (Owner) is not mine to move or play with, but i can request certain changes if needed, mainly things that do not require router configuration.

    The goal here is to have 2 networks joined together in such a way that very VERY minimal changes need to happen to separate them when i leave. While joined, the networks should be able to see each other and share files across SAMBA.....

    HOWEVER.....i need to keep my DHCP via mac address settings active while at the same time allowing his DHCP to assign out to his devices, having everyone on the same subnet, and having his router not have to change AT ALL so that when i leave in 2 or 3 months, he'll still be okay on his setup

    I thought that the easiest way to do this is to allow both DHCP servers to run, but to limit the IP addy pool that each one assigns from. For example, all of his devices are on his router between 1 and 99. All of my devices are on my router normally between 100 and 200.

    We had it set up this way today, and we couldn't see each other's computers and i couldn't get online. I figure this is due to NAT.

    After some reading, i pulled out the advanced settings and played with them, but didn't get too far, so i just assigned my router a different subnet (correct term?) and got my devices online...only his lappy can't see my server or other systems

    More reading leads me to believe that i need to turn my tomato router from Gateway to Router mode, but that didn't really lead me anywhere either. Figure i could also do a static routing table to get this going as well, but again, i have no guidance.


    1. No changes to initial network (Router 1) with the exception of assigning my router a static IP if needed.
    2. No major changes to my network (my Static DHCP settings will remain active)
    3. All computers can see each other and share files via SAMBA, with his system wireless on his router and all of mine behind Tomato
    4. All Xbox Media Center Devices (360 Extenders and XBMC) able to share files with the server behind my router.
    5. All devices behind my router have internet access.
    6. When I leave, all i do is pull out my equipment, plug his back together, and his network works again without me having to disable my Static DHCP settings.

    Can tomato help me do this?
    Do i need a different firmware if it can't? Or am i stuck without this ability

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