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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by naslog, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. naslog

    naslog Network Guru Member

    I have updated my new NSLU2 to the latest V2.3R63 firmware. I have two disks attached (both ext3 and formatted by the NSLU2). I have set up a number of shares that seem to be getting renamed and/or deleted following a powerdown and restart. For example, my shares are:
    ADMIN 1
    DISK 1
    ADMIN 2 (Disk 2)
    DISK 2 (Disk 2)
    music (Disk 2)
    The 'music (Disk 2)' share points at a folder called 'Music'.

    So I stopped the NSLU2 last night and powered it and the PC off. When I restarted it this morning the shares show as:
    ADMIN 1
    DISK 1
    ADMIN 2 (Disk 2)
    DISK 2 (Disk 2)
    music (can't remember whether this had a Disk 2 on it - may not have - either way it was coloured red))
    music~ (Disk 2)

    The red coloured 'music' share said it wasn't pointing at a folder and it looks like the ' music~ (Disk 2)' was now pointing at the 'Music' folder. I temporarily got round the problem by deleting the red coloured music share and renaming the 'music~ (Disk 2)' share to 'music (Disk 2)'.

    Also this morning three other shares have disappeared even though the folders are still there.

    Has anyone else experienced this or know why this is happening or know how to solve it?
  2. khisanthax

    khisanthax Network Guru Member

    I've never had this problem and I don't remember anyone else having this problem. If no one suggests anything you might have to try tech support, in which case ask for lvl 2.
  3. gjmichael

    gjmichael Network Guru Member

    I have the same problem. I rolled back to the last version and am now working fine. Waiting for a fix though.
  4. naslog

    naslog Network Guru Member

    Another day and a further power down and restart and the same problem occurs again. However, I think I now know what is happening but don't understand why :???:

    Again the share~'s has been created. However the original share names (excluding Admin1/disk1/admin2/disk2) are now appearing on Disk 1 and the original share names on Disk2 have been renamed to have the ~'s added. It looks like the NSLU2 is moving the shares from Disk 2 to Disk 1 for some reason.

    As added information I originally had 2 x 60GB drives on the system and replaced one of the 60Gb drives with a 250Gb drive. In this process I may have moved the remaining 60gb drive from usb2 to usb1 before adding the 250gb drive to USB2. However the shares that are being moved were added later?

    Maybe time for a support call :)
  5. BiffoTheBear

    BiffoTheBear Network Guru Member

    I think I remember seeing something like this.

    I have two EXT drives as you do and I have the backup set to automatically copy drive 1 to drive 2.

    I noticed that there were what seemed to be duplicated shares but with "~" in the share names.

    When I connected to the NSLU2 the backup had been turned off, presumably because it 'thought' that drive 2 had been changed (as this automatically disables the backup).

    I turned the backup back on, the extra shares disappeared and I haven't seen the problem since.

    I suspect, but haven't proved, that I may have powered down the disks before I powered down the NSLU2. This may have left the drives 'dirty' and caused the backup to be turned off.
  6. Arkmay

    Arkmay Network Guru Member

    I upgraded and now I have that problem too!

    If I enable and then disable the disk backup, I get the shares changing with red names and tilde~ duplicates, just like Naslog.
  7. Arkmay

    Arkmay Network Guru Member

    I worked around it by going to an earlier firmware, 2.3R25, as this is the only one I've found. So 2.3R63 has a problem...
  8. Chicken

    Chicken Network Guru Member

    i hope linksys comes with a new firmware to fix this soon

    i was planning to put a second harddisk to the nslu2

    if not, i have to downgrade it to R29 i guess

    someone know if the files/folder will be deleted when i delete a share?

    like.. i have a share called "abcdefg" on disk1(usb1)...
    when i create the share, it create a folder called "abcdefg" on the harddisk...
    there's a lot of files in that folder (share)
    if i delete that share, will all the files in that folder be deleted? or the whole folder will be deleted? or not?
  9. mcleaver

    mcleaver Network Guru Member

    Yesterday my disk2 accidentally powered down (ains adaptor fel out of the socket). WHen I restarted, the contents of disk2 had indeed developed a ~ in the name and were apparently empty, WHen I deleted the resulting concatenated name, the real contens could be found in \admin2. STrange.
    No fixes yet?
  10. Mujja

    Mujja Network Guru Member

    I thought I was the only one with this problem.
    The earlier and unslung firmwares are OK. Only the latest firmware has this problem.
  11. samoht

    samoht Guest

    Same problem here with V2.3R63 firmware. :-(
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