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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jerry7297, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. jerry7297

    jerry7297 Network Guru Member

    I have a wireless system at my house and i want to share my connection with my mothers house which is next door. in my house i have a wrt54g. in my moms house i have nothing set up yet. Is there a way to get my wrt54g to talk to another wrt (moms). I basically want to set up a seperate network at her house i have some old wired print servers and her desktop has a regular nic. i have connectivity at moms house (better than 50%) signal, i guess what i am asking is if i can feed another router with the incoming signal from my house. I could buy a repeater but that will be just extending my network, when what i want to do is feed another router so i can hardwire printservers and another old pc(s)

    thanks for any help
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    You have sevaral options, some of them software and others hardware.

    You can setup both routers with Sveasoft Satori or Achemy using WDS. For Achemy you have to pay $20.oo and register at their website. It helps to have a PayPal account to pay the $20.00 fee, since Achemy is still in betea and only avail at their site. You can download Satori in the download section of this website/ You can set it up using WDS, which is easlier to setup than Client Mode, which has its own drawbacks. WDS halves your bandwidth. Client mode is harder to setup and has a drawbacks. With Satori you can only have one client on the LAN side of the WRT54G, but with Achemy you can have four clients. Client mode requires that your LAN side clients be on a different subnet, which precludes those client from communicating with the WRT in your house. In addition, DNS and DHCP do not pass through NAT, so you have to have a DNS server on the LAN side in your mom's house and you would have to use DHCP Relay or use the WRT54G as a DHCP server. You have to set up a route on the WRT54G in your house to the WRT54G in your mom's.
    HyperWRT supports WDS and there is a discussion thread on how to set it up. There is no pretty interface, so you have to set up WDS manually.

    You can purchase a WET54G or WET54GS5 ethernet bridge. Both are expensive and setup a bridge from you mom's house to yours. The WET54GS5 has a five port switch, which has a lot of capabilitied, you may not need and gors for about $129.00 and up The WET54G only has one ethernet port, so if you wanted to connect more than your mom's desktopp, you would have to add a switch. It can be purchased at 109.99 and up. You can purchase a WAP54G and set it up in bridge mode. It costs $59.99 and up. It only has one thernet port, soo you would need to add a switch to connect anything more than your mom's desktop.
    You may have to have to upgrade the antennas with high gain antennas or directional antennas and reposition the WRT54G in you house and what ever equipment you choose to purchase. Mount the WRT54G as high as possible and try to get a clear line of sight to the equiipment in your moms house. If the distance is not too far you can connect a ethernet cable between houses also.
  3. eholme

    eholme Network Guru Member

    I have dome something ismilar to this, but since I had a wired infrastructure in place it was not quete as complicated. Your could get 2 WAP54G and set those up in bridging mode, get a 4 or 5 port hub or switch and you are all set. Nothing to it after that. This keeps everything on the same subnet so there is no confusing software setups, and for the home use this is probly the best solution.

    I have done this between 2 office buildings while our Cisco bridge was down and it worked fine. Not something I would keep in a corporate enviorment though do to security / warrenty issues.
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    They already have a WRT54G, so thye only need a WAP54G in bridge mode. The WRT54G works as a DHCP Server and has more capabilitied than a WAP54G as an access point. If they choose the double WAP54G route, they are advised to use the latest firmware for the WAP54G version 2.08, since if fixes an issue with using two WAP54G. It also adds WPA-PSK in both repeater and bridge mode. I do no really recommend Client mode or WDS, since the difficulty in setting up Client Mode and the loss in bandwidth with WDS. The WRE54G was not recommended since people have difficulty in setting it up and the loss of bandwidth issue. For the costs it would be better to use a WAP54G and getting an inexpensive switch.
  5. jerry7297

    jerry7297 Network Guru Member

    could i connect the wap54g to another wrt54g through the "wan" port on the wrt54g and set up a second "seperate" network at my moms house. She soes not need to share files with my ps i just need to get the connection to her house, and have the flexibility to go wireless in the future.
  6. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    If you have a WRT54G in your house and add a WAP54G in your mom's house that is bridged to the WRT54G in you house, you can connect the WAP54G to a WRT54G in your mom's house. I believe you can set the WAP54G as a AP Client, but this will only give you WEP 128bit encryption. You will not be able to access the WAP54G via iits wireless connection. The second WRT54G can be set as a DHCP server, but make certain that the IP Addresses do not overlap for each WRT54G.
  7. jerry7297

    jerry7297 Network Guru Member

    as far as the 128bit wep incryption goes would that be just from my router (supply side) to the WAP? once i connect the WAP to the second WRT via the wan port (mom's side) could I not use stronger encryption for that side to feed any wireless devices i may put in at her place?
  8. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The encryption on the WRT54G installed in your mom's house is independent from the one on the WAP54G in you mom's house and the WRT54G in your house. I would suggest you place the channels at least five channels away to prevent any interference, for example if you are on channel 1, the other network should be at least 6 or more.
  9. A-ONE

    A-ONE Network Guru Member

    I have this setup, but the other home is two doors down. I have two WRT54Gs setup with WDS. You can connect wirelessly to both AP's and through the lan ports. U might want to look into this setup
  10. Simpleton

    Simpleton Network Guru Member

    What I am soon going to be settings up with my neighbor is a wirelessly linked LAN, we both have our own internet connections, is there anyway to do this without buying that overpriced WET bridge or whatever it is called and not lose half our bandwidth, and remain on the same network? I don't get why the WAP54G version can do this, but the supposedly better WRT54G can't ?
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