Shibby 102 - Transmission Crashes

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Cyberian75, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    Hey --

    Yes, Transmission crashes quite frequently, especially when I'm downloading at above 1MB/s. For storage, I'm using an USB 2.0 64GB Flash Drive formatted as ext2.

    Does the number of peers matter?


    102 BT-VPN
  2. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    To this day I too get frequent Transmission crashes. I stopped using the built-in Transmission a while ago. I've been trying it again with every subsequent release however, just to check if it crashing issues got resoled. I also have this issue when I have a large (around 10 or more) torrents active at once, and when they're downloading at a fast speed.

    I can confirm that it DOESN'T crash if you're not downloading anything or have only a few (3 or 4) torrents seeding at all times. I know this because even though I stopped using it, I still keep it enabled with 4 small (40-50mb) torrents seeding all the time, and It's been up for over 40 days. I barely get 2-3 days of uptime when I have 10+ torrents active and downloading constantly.

    My router is not running out of memory either. I have an RT-N66U, and when it crashes I still have over 200MB of RAM free. Also to note, is I'm using an external 2.5'' USB hard drive that is set never to auto power down.
  3. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    I agree about seeding being pretty stable.

    I also have RT-N66U.
  4. rhester72

    rhester72 Network Guru Member

    Transmission has serious (and I mean _serious_) issues with structure alignment on MIPS. Not much we mere mortals can do about it - they are pretty x86 (read: Mac) focused.

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  5. shibby20

    shibby20 Network Guru Member

    just install transmision from optware and change binaries path to optware. transmission will be stable.
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  6. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    I can confirm that this does work, makes it very stable. I just couldn't be bothered to install it to JFFS every time I upgrade the firmware. I *could* install it to a USB partition or something, I just haven't done so.
  7. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    Oh, thanks!

    Coincidentally, I did that after upgrading the firmware to 104 yesterday. I installed Transmission on an SD card.
  8. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    Why is that by the way? Just curious.
  9. rhester72

    rhester72 Network Guru Member

    Optware is compiled "natively", which allows the compiler to pad unaligned structures at compile time. Cross-compilers don't have that luxury, and the MIPS kernel doesn't pad at runtime, thus you fall down go boom a lot. :/

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  10. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

    Thanks, Rodney.
  11. Suva

    Suva LI Guru Member

    I have the same issue. How do I install from optware and change binaries? Can anybody provide me the instructions?
  12. Cyberian75

    Cyberian75 Network Guru Member

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