Shibby build - WIFI (almost) dies when QOS kick in for VoiP traffic

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by hgeorges, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. hgeorges

    hgeorges Network Guru Member

    I'm using Shibby builds for more than one year, and kept updating my router each new version came up. For my needs it has been pretty satisfying (I needed the QOS, USB, BT and VPN features mostly).
    Despite the usual best practice/advice on all forums, to clear nvram after installing each new version, I have not done that ever, and each new version picked up the settings and kept running.
    In my home network setup I have a couple of VoIP ATAs, which replaced completely my POTS line. I used Tomato to make sure the voice traffic is properly prioritized and I have good and reliable phone service for the house. And so it it is. No complains from anyone, and I use my voip setup for extensive work related audio conferences - on a daily basis. So .. kudos to Tomato developers for a great QOS implementation.
    The strange thing happening for some time and never caught the culprit... My wife who also works from home started complaining lately very often of losing the internet connection. We both use the internet for VPN into our work, and unlike her, my experience has been always good - with very few exceptions, clearly provider related. But unlike her, I always use my computer wired to the network, and she is always using the WIFI, on a RT-N16, loaded with Shibby's AIO software.
    So it was only by chance that a couple of days ago I was using my computer in the kitchen, on WIFI this time, and got a couple of phone calls. Each time after I finished the conversation I noticed that my notebook completely lost the wireless connection. I noticed the correlation first, but wasn't sure if that was the cause, and tested this again, and indeed that was the case.
    So my question to the experts is, obviously, what prompts this behaviour, and how to prevent it? Thanks very much for your consideration... and sorry for the long posting! :)
  2. Porter

    Porter LI Guru Member

    You already know a possible and very obvious solution to your problem but chose to not care. What do you expect us to do then?

    I suggest you delete the NVRAM thoroughly and then come back if the problem persists. Somewhere in this forum Toastman has posted a guide on how to get back your old settings after a firmware update. I don't have the link at hand right now but searching for it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. hgeorges

    hgeorges Network Guru Member

    Hello Porter,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. To tell you the truth, I didn't ignore that particular advice, but it happens that everything else works as expected (including the WIFI, when no VoIp is going through). I was hoping therefore for an informed explanation (beyond the typical, heuristic, trial end error.... more something akin to a specific variable, or intended code function, etc which can be turned on, or off, or anywhere in between).
    I'll wait for other suggestions until the weekend, when hopefully the time will allow me to erase the NVRAM, etc, do the more involved stuff.
    Thank you.:)
  4. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    This is the link that Porter mentioned.

    Your particular problem could be caused by many things. It appears to be wifi related, so interference is the most likely suspect. All over the world now the sheer numbers of AP's, often running wireless "N" on 2.4GHz, is proving to be a problem. But before you do anything, I'd suggest you erase nvram also.

    It's not a 100% guarantee that erasing nvram and reconfiguring will fix any particular problem. But experience over time has proven that whenever someone has a weird issue, perhaps 90% of the time, this will restore the router to being fully functional again. Since modders can't keep answering these questions several times a day in the forums, it's now our advice to always clear nvram whenever you flash a new build, as this will pre-empt most of these strange issues. Yes, we know it isn't always strictly necessary, but ....... :D
  5. hgeorges

    hgeorges Network Guru Member

    Thanks much, Toastman. I'll take/follow the advice and will also check the links in the weekend.
    Regarding the interference... It doesn't seem to be the main issue. The connection was/is stable when the network was not in use by VoIp traffic. The WIF connection was dropped when we were talking on the phone. Perhaps coincidence. I will check it more on the weekend. My wife is travelling this week, and I have no complains. Since my notebook is hard wired (in the docking station), I don't really see any issue. I will have to test again in the weekend, and reset the router etc.
  6. BinaryTB

    BinaryTB Network Guru Member

    If you have a non-cordless phone, test it to see if the same issue with wifi and voip occurs. This should help you better diagnose the issue as well, if it does happen to be a 2.4ghz problem. I know that a lot of 5ghz cordless phone also use 2.4ghz as well (I own one that does that actually, kind of annoying).

    Just a guess, but you might be able to pick up an older corded phone really really cheap (or just borrow one if possible).

    Or even better, upgrade to a 5ghz router and connect to wireless that way!
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